10 Schoolgirls With Lewd Extracurriculars
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Schoolgirls are one of the great character archetypes in, well, any work from Japan. Cute girls in blazers and skirts, hanging out friends and debating whether or not they can confess to their crush. It's a time of youthful innocent learning. Some have suggested that the school setting is so popular because adults yearn for their youth, and nothing symbolizes youth like a cute schoolgirl. To honor these fine girls, here are ten of the best schoolgirl-themed doujins on the site.

1. Ai no Katachi by Todd Special

A teacher accidentally walks in on his student without a shirt on in an empty classroom. Feeling defiled, she demands he marry her to make things right.


2. I Love You! My Brother by hiiragi ruka

 An older sister quietly lusts after her younger brother.


3. Kagehinata by Haguruman 

 A buxom, and shy, schoolgirl with a crush on her teacher uses her body to comfort him after his breakup.


4. Mother's Temptation by Tanaka Naburu

 A widow who lost her husband some time ago and struggles to deal with pent-up sexual need lusts after her son, and uses his schoolgirl fetish against him.

5. Dai Akko by Magukappu ★

 This is a Little Witch Academia doujin.

Akko uses the cupid bee on Barbara and Hannah in an attempt to make them act nicer to her. They instead fall in love with her. Diana discovers them and gets stung as well.

6. Kiss Me! Vampire Girls by Mira

Two vampire girls lovingly stalk an all-girls private school.

This is the first part of a multi-part series.

7. The Beautiful Sisters of the Minamino Household!? by yukiji shia ★

A feminine boy gets caught by his twin sister sniffing her panties, and is compelled to wear them as he has sex with her.

8. A Mannish Girl's Hidden Side Is A Lusty Busty Girl by Nagi Ichi

A girl uses a special bra to conceal her larger than normal bust. Her secret is discovered by a guy who convinces her to have sex with him using rather underhanded means.

9. Experience the Younger Sister Gyaru à La Mode by Iroito ★

 A guy and girl collide on their way to school, with the guy getting knocked out cold. He comes to with the girl beside him, and discovers her to be a girl who used to live next door to him. She had a crush on him then, and capitalizes on it now.

10. Yasha Grove by Yuhki Mitsuru

 This is an Inuyasha doujin

Various couples, such as Inuyasha and Kagome, get busy in the Feudal Era.