A Deep Dive into Oh, My God!
By Kasaix • 4 months ago • 10 comments

It's been a while since I did a deep dive into anything, and there's no famed artist with me, but it'll have to do. I've wanted to talk about this title for a while, because I've read through it multiple times over the years. It's called Oh, My God!, and it was made by Hyun Yeh-ji and Kang Ji-young, so yes, a Korean manhwa. It's been translated into English by Easy-Going Scans. 

Let's talk setting and characters. Heaven is run by Heaven Corp. The CEO is God. Sounds normal, right? But you need to know the names of the board of directors. Odin, Buddha, Moses, Dangun, Vishnu, and Shiva. They are all really funny and interesting characters. Buddha isn't phased by anything, Odin has a temper, Shiva breaks things a lot. God himself has the top half of his face covered, either by the frame or some other block. Vishnu sleeps at all times, and that's due to the myth surrounding him. I won't get too far, but Heaven Corp. has a competing business after them Olympus, run by Zeus and the other Greek gods. They're...underhanded. Lastly is the unknown girl who appears at Heaven Corp and causes the entire story to happen. She's the MacGuffin. All said, the characters are unique and just seem real. They're not holier than thou, they're friends who argue a lot.

So, let's talk story. During a board meeting where an irate God who accidentally lost years of work decides to cause the Apocalypse and get out of doing work. The board is torn by what to do. Odin is against it, and Moses belives in God no matter what. God is proposing ideas on how to carry it out, like the Plagues that he set on Egypt and just letting Lucifer and his demons run amok on Earth. The board is igoring him, pissing him off. Shiva busts in, and a fight soon follows. All that energy in the boardroom summons a girl from Korea, and no one has any idea why. They decide to send her home, which is a lot simpler than it sounds. Zeus and his people don't make it any easier.

The art is top notch. I love it. This manhwa is years old, and it has stood the test of time. Sometimes it's simple, and other times, you can make out fine details. The characters are unique from one another. The magic blasts and swirls of cloud are finely detailed. The lighting and shading are on point here, and everything just seems alive. It's a damn good looking manhwa.

Final call, give it a read. I'm not saying you have to finish it, just the first couple of chapters, and you WILL be drawn in. While deities from around the world are featured here, none of it is done to slight anyone's deity. All gods and goddesses are respected here. Odin gets tossed by his wife Frigg, but he's a badass. God comes off as lazy, but he's smart and powerful. It's a fun and delightful manhwa with plenty of comedy and action. You will get sucked into it, and by the end, you'll want more.