Comaku: The One-Hit Yuri Wonder
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First presidents and now depressed pandas? These profile pics are something else. 


You know what really grinds my gears? Dicks in my face. I mean sure, I’ll tolerate seeing some dude’s dick on my screen for the sake of projecting myself into his shoes. But that only lasts for so long and eventually I get kinda jealous. Why does Satoshi-kun get to fuck three classmates and his teacher at the same time while I sit in my house all day crying with a bag of Doritos? Luckily, yuri provides a nice reprieve from this stress. I can’t be sad about not getting to fuck lesbians, because they would never go for me anyway. Genius. Speaking of which, today’s artist is a little more obscure than recent entries, but deserves some extra love in a time of need. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Kotaku!... Comaku!


If you’re not familiar with the yuri scene, that name might not ring a bell. And if you are familiar with the scene, you may be asking “Oh yeah, what ever happened to them?” Comaku’s primetime revolved around the end of 2015 to early 2017 and rode on the success of a yuri series labeled: Is My Hobby Weird? This series spanned seven chapters and single-handedly earned Comaku some street credit with the good folks over at and seems to have snatched the hearts of you guys as well. Every single chapter has been user-rated between a 4.1 and 5.0. After it ended Comaku worked on a series named Don’t Make Me So Turned On  that also received high ratings until the third and final chapter.



In terms of artist information, we’re locked into a Butcha U situation. I’m going to be referring to Comaku as a girl despite lacking solid evidence, because I found this photograph on her twitter page that I will be using as solid evidence. The stuffed animal swayed my decision. You’re telling me some male schmuck reads shit about hot boys and draws yuri while a stuffed bear(?) sits there and watches? I think not.








Alright, do you want the good news or the bad news about Comaku’s new life? Well fuck you, because there’s only bad news. According to Chansu at Yuri-ism, the book series that was running Comaku’s work ended early this year. They predicted that until a new publisher was found, it was unlikely to see any new lewd work coming out from her. Luckily for Comaku, her tumblr page would indicate that she’s been picked up by a new publisher. Unluckily for her lewder fans, she appears to be dedicated to working for Hoshizumei Comics’s Fate / Grand Order Anthology comic series and will not be returning to lewd creations in the foreseeable future.

Look at it, devoid of all lewdness. 


Here are my Top… 2.. Comaku doujins that I think you guys should check out. I bet you’ll never be able to guess what crazy, unheard of, never-before-seen doujins pop up next.


Her short second series only consists of three chapters. Don’t Make Me So Turned On is just a simple yuri harem with a CEO added in for a  twist. It’s worth a read, but doesn’t come close to comparing to the former series. By the time you get yourself riled up you’ve already reached the third chapter which feels like a rushed ending to the series with little sex. This cuck brought to you by Publisher Problems. Overall feel free to read it but don’t get too attached.  







Is My Hobby Weird? Follows a young (but not too young ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) girl named Maiko Fujiyama. As aforementioned she engages in a weird hobby: staring at the butts of other girls. Wait what the fuck? That isn’t a weird hobby, I do that shit on the regular! Anyway throughout the seven chapters Maiko falls in love with Risa Tusuzuki. Risa enjoys having her butt be gazed upon so it’s really a match made in heaven. Later the party gains a third member and turns upside-down when Fumi Ondo joins the squad. Her special turn on is getting to hear the sounds of sex.  Go figure.  As it heats up, there's a lot of dialogue in this story to the point where some people commented they're more interested in the plot than the actual sex. Not me of course... Considering this is still yuri I guess the purity’s got to be somewhere. Most sex scenes are enhanced by reading through the dialogue though so pop on those reading glasses and a hot coffee if you really want to enjoy the series.  


I’ve always seen the one-hit wonder band that appeals to teenage bitches for two weeks or so before vanishing forever, but I guess I never considered that concept applying to an artist I enjoy. Have you ever found a new favorite artist only to see them move on to something else? Let us know below!