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Craving Quest Brings Erotic RPG Action to Android
By Yung Namahage • 11 months ago • 6 comments

Developer Super H Game and French eroge publisher Eroges bring us a brand new turn-based 3D RPG with uncensored hentai visual novel scenes.

In Craving Quest, you play as a group of adventurers who set off to restore order after the Elements go awry and monsters begin to appear. With over 100 different characters, there are several party strategies and plenty of H-scenes to unlock when you're not engaged in the fast-paced RPG combat.

For the time being, Craving Quest can only be installed on Android devices through the Eroges website. Make sure to enable third party apps before downloading the APK! Unfortunately, due to Apple's strict laws against XXX content on their own App Store and the restrictions against third party apps it's unlikely this'll be coming to iPhones anytime soon. But a PC version is more than likely if you ask me, at least as long as the Android version is succesful. Until then, you can always emulate it if you don't have an Android device.

If this sounds like your jam then check the Eroges page for more information and the download link. Will you be looking into it? Let us know in the comments!