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Ever Regret Your Username?
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 month ago • 38 comments

Well, obviously I have. What’s up guys, it’s not a new blogger or anything, it’s just Imaginary with a different name. Let me explain what’s going on here. You see, the name Imaginary all started with a dumbass joke. At the time I wasn’t even working here, I was just doing some game reviews on the side for Kinky when he got sick or didn’t have enough time to do them. Which must of been a lot because I think the game reviews I’ve done are the only ones in his entire catalog of articles. It would be weird for him to get credit for them though which is why we started to put a little disclaimer at the top of “Hey, it’s not Kinky but actually this guy, just so you know”. Obviously “this guy” wouldn’t work. I needed something to call myself. And then I had a marvelous idea: why not call myself Imaginary and then it will seem like Kinky is a loser who has an imaginary friend?

This decision backfired almost immediately. You see, some of you guys fucking hate Kinky (don’t worry, I’m a close friend of his so I feel you). This led a lot of people to think Kinky was just doing some epic meme about having two personalities and didn’t even take it seriously that I was a different person. Calling myself Imaginary so that I could introduce myself as “I’m Kinky’s friend, Imaginary” was funny for about two seconds. Then I realized a lot of people didn’t believe it, and even if they did, my username was now tied to a joke I made once two years ago. Imaginary was conveniently close to being a Boogiepop reference and I love the Boogiepop light novels, but it wasn’t anything that I thought defined me. As time went on I hated it even more. In between now and then, I created a Twitter account with the name “WakeUpSnooze” (Snooze for short) which combines two of my all time favorite things: fighting games and sleeping. And I loved it. “WakeUpJerkingOff” was taken so I had to improvise, okay? Anyway, I might be doing a wide variety of content on this year, and I wanted to go ahead and make this change now rather than later. I want to be free of Imaginary and have a username that I’m happy with.

Goodbye, Imaginary. You were okay, I guess.

So what about you guys? I know some people make a name without ever putting a second thought into it. Growing up I’d see “XXCharlieRulez12XXX” and think “wow, look, an idiot!” and then get dommed by them and lose whatever game I was playing. I couldn’t fathom that someone would make a username and not care about it. Back in the day I would spend hours thinking up the edgiest shit like “Nocturnal”, “Black Crow”, and of course random Japanese names like “Aiku”, “Anaiku”, “Kokozo” that probably aren’t even real Japanese. I couldn’t stand if my username looked ugly or normal like “Firetruck32X” or “b1gpapa”. Over time though I softened up a bit. Nowadays if I know I probably won’t play the game for that long I’ll try to make a meme out of it. But if I care about the game/service? It’s back to the drawing board for your boy. I gotta have that clean username. 

Do you care about usernames? Have you ever made a username that you wish you could change? Were you bummed that someone took your favorite username? Use your account names to write a comment below!