Final Fantasy XV Trick Lets Us See Luna in a New Perspective
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 2 comments


When the 3DS was first released, people tried to use this amazing technology to peak up Princess Peach's dress. It didn't work of course, but the desire to take control of the camera to peak up skirts was laid bare. A popular YouTube channel known as Boundry Break takes full advantage of a magic camera to look anywhere in a game world to see how it really is. The ecchi side of the magic camera finally made its appearance. 


 A guide has recently appeared on Steam, giving an in-depth explanation on how to take control of the camera. Voyeurous fans made use of it in the only sensible way: take a peak under Lunafreya Nox Fleuret's flowing white dress. What they found was both expected and unexpected: she has no panties, but nothing that would require panties to cover. 





That's right, she's as anatomically-correct as a Barbie doll. While KH II FM just left a void where Kairi's Keyhole would be, taking out the cute white panties from KH II, FF XV devs just left poor Luna with nothing, no panties or anything that would require panties to cover. 


It's an odd design choice, and we highly doubt it's going to be corrected. A pair of panties would have been better: you have the sexy element, and you could cover up the fact that Luna and Noctis' honeymoon would have been thoroughly unsatisfying for everyone involved. 


If you want to see this for yourself, here's another link to the guide: LINK. If you do take a look, let us know what you found in the comments below.