Has Bron's Quest Been Abandoned?
By ImJustThatKinky • 8 months ago • 3 comments

Bron’s Quest, a game that has been in development for a year now has finally reached the 1.0 mark, and people aren’t happy about it. Marble Syrup are developers of games you may know such as Re:maid, Crusoe Had It Easy, and Nympho Waifu++. They are titles that people seem to enjoy from the group and Bron’s Quest is no exception. But as Bron’s Quest's development has progressed, more and more angry fans are showing their complaints to Marble Syrup.

Many delays for the game have occurred for actual reasons such as their artist being missing and other not-so-actual reasons such as taking a random vacation to a soccer game and just being lazy. When these months of delays happen, Marble Syrup tried to show their good faith by giving their Patrons refunds, but that didn’t take the sour taste out of their mouths. But it does seem as though art has been a main issue for Bron’s Quest, with it featuring different art styles for different characters. The characters look like they’re from two completely different games.

I can say that the game has a very impressive presentation compared to other visual novels you’ll find on Patreon, but that production comes at a cost. Many players have complained about bugs stopping their progression or blocking out scenes.

But now seemingly with Chapter 1 of Bron’s Quest being complete, Marble Syrup has gone on to another project called Little Apple, which are making fans think that they’re abandining Bron’s Quest.

I played the demo on Newgrounds and enjoyed it for what it was, but I can’t say I feel the same hate for the game as the people who have been donating to this game for a whole year and feel cheated. But, I do want to go back and play the 1.0 version, I saw that they had a giant lady orc scene. I hope it’s good :D.

How can you fuck up a giant orc scene!!!

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