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Is Toby from Catherine Transphobic?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 21 comments

Well, it looks like my counselor didn’t work, cause I’m back talking about things I shouldn’t. That’s right! Let’s talk about trans issues again. I sadly couldn’t get this off my chest since after my last Catherine article, it seems like a lot of people think I hate trans people. Which is tru...this article isn’t about me! It’s about if Toby from Catherine is  transphobic! You can decide for yourself if I hate trans people after reading this article.

Now, before this whole new ending for Catherine: Full Body came out, people already had a problem with the game when it comes to Erica. The problem came from Katherine’s true ending. In this ending, you find out that Toby is disappointed  that he lost his V-Card to Erica after learning that Erica used to be a boy before her transition into a full on woman. Toby’s disappointment is where many saw the scene as transphobic, but to me, I saw it as a natural human reaction.

Fuck you Toby! You should just be happy that you lost your V-Card.

Was Toby disappointed that he slept with a trans woman? Yes. Does that make him transphobic? No. Him being transphobic would be him hating trans people, which he doesn’t. He is disappointed that his expectation wasn’t met. If I sleep with a girl, and we decide to start dating, only to find out that she didn’t want to have kids, I’d be disappointed. If a girl is finally about to meet the guy she was talking to online, only to find out that he was fat. She might be disappointed. It doesn’t mean I hate girls that don’t want kids, or that the girl hates fat people. It means that what we expected, wasn’t what we got. And this goes for trans people as well. If you’re a trans girl who’s into guys, and you soon find out that the guy you’re into is actually a trans guy, you might be disappointed depending on what you want.

Someone who was transphobic wouldn't be looking so happy next to a hot transwoman.

So in the end, I believe Toby is completely innocent. He’s a nice guy and also young and dumb. Erica is an amazing woman, and I’m sure he sees that, but she’s just not the type of woman that he’s looking for. Maybe when he’s older, he’ll learn about the grave mistake he made when dropping Erica.

Don't worry bae. I'll still marry you.

Now some people might hate what I just said in my article, but as a great woman once said…

I hope people understand what I’m trying to say, and if you don’t, please just ask in the comment section. We can never learn more about each others point of view if all we’re doing is yelling and shitting on each others point of view. Because in the end, no matter if you’re white, black, fat, a girl, trans, or a lizard man. We’re all humans in the end, so be nice to one another.

Well, I'll be back to doing my usual Kinky articles that everybody loves...or I don't really know anymore.

Is Toby transphobic?  What would be your reaction if you sleep with Erica and learned that she used to be a boy? Am I transphobic :O? Tell us in the comments below.