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Jill Gets All Her Holes Filled by Nemesis
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago • 2 comments

To celebrate the Resident Evil 3 Remake hype, Chloe Angel has dropped a lovely Jill audio porn. But don’t let the angel in her name fool you, this is one naught and nasty audio, and I loved it. Jill is trying to escape a pair of handcuffs after giving U.B.C.S. Soldiers the slip. But the handcuffs are the least of Jill’s worries as Nemesis shows up out of nowhere. With Jill being restrained by handcuffs and having nowhere to go, Nemesis takes this opportunity to make Jill see stars.

Violating Valentine

But if you thought the fun ends there, then you’d be wrong. Nemesis didn’t even get the chance to use his tentacles yet. Jill has a long night ahead of her. You can purchase the full 9 minute version of this audio on Chloe’s Gumroad or support her on Patreon.

Did you enjoy the audio? Would you like to see more Jill x Nemesis porn? Are you hype for Resident Evil 3 Remake? Tell us in the comments.