"Listen" Out for Doujins.com Surprise Coming February the 9th
By ImJustThatKinky • 6 months ago • 20 comments

Last year, I introduced something special to the site. It received amazing feedback, with many asking for more. Well, I’m happy to say that more is coming your way. You’ll get to “hear” more about it next Saturday, the 9th. I had to do a little test before confirming that everything was ready to go, so if you want an early sneak peek of what to expect Saturday 9th, just go searching through the Persona 5 sections of doujins. I "planted" a little surprise for you all. Luckily for you all, this won’t be my “last surprise”. Happy hunting thieves.

So, did you find the surprise? What is this big thing that I’ll be dropping on the 9th? Who is your Persona 5 waifu? Tell us in the comment section below.