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Mileena Spices Up Mortal Kombat 11
By Yung Namahage • 1 week ago

A couple days ago I wrote about one of my favorite fighting game franchises announcing a new DLC fighter, a ninja clad in purple. I never expected that I'd soon be writing about another one of my favorite fighting game franchises announcing its own DLC fighters, two of which are ninjas that wear purple, but that's just how it is these days.

Mortal Kombat's guest characters generally come in two varieties: either a fan favorite character that was killed off years ago, whose inclusion would mean messing with the latest game's established canon but fuck it, there's time travel and dimension-hopping now, or a guest, usually in the form of an 80s/90s movie character that tends to divide the fanbase. The trailer for the latest Kombat Pack reveals who we'll be getting soon out of both camps.

That's right, MK is bringing back the best girl Mileena and DAMN is she looking good! After a cameo in Kitana's frienship finisher, Mileena will be playable for the first time since the last Mortal Kombat game was released, five years ago. If you're wondering where the lips she had in MKX are, there is a reason for that: this is actually MK9's Mileena brought forward in time, before she was able to get lip surgery. Mileena was always meant to be a hornier, crazier and hungrier clone of Katana, and here she's looking as monstrous (and sexy) as ever.

Also in the returning MK character group we have walking reference Rain, a prince who loves purple and has the power to manipulate the weather. He hasn't been seen since MK9's DLC, so it would be interesting to see how he has evolved since then compared to his fellow MK9 DLC character Skarlet.

Finally, Sylvester Stallone himself is voicing John Rambo, meaning if you were ever curious about how Rambo would fare against the Joker, or Spawn, or The Terminator, or Robocop, or any Mortal Kombat character, then you're in luck. If you were hoping for another returning MK character or a non-gun using guest, then better luck next time.

Kombat Pack 2 will be releasing on November 17. The Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Edition will launch on the same day, featuring the base game, both Kombat Packs released so far and the Aftermath update. What do you guys think? Are you excited for Mileena's return? Would you play as Rambo? Let us know below!