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Racist, but in a Sexy Kind of Way?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 17 comments

When I saw this shit release on, I took one good look at it and saw that it had a desperate and disheveled housewife, a big ass black guy with a huge dick, and a good amount of dialogue. With all that thrown into one doujin, I knew this was going to be an automatic pick up for your boy Kinky. But, I didn’t expect to see that a lot of people on shared the same excitement for the doujin based on the fucking racists.

Now people might be thinking to themselves, “But Kinky, this doujin isn’t racist. They never even said that the guy was black?” And to that I say, of course this doujin is racist! Or at least, it plays into the racist stereotypes. A japanese housewife that’s all by herself gets a visit from a random black foreigner and jump straight to the conclusion that he’s a criminal. It’s clear to see what the author was going for, but that isn’t a bad thing. Raceplay is a thing, and the author played into that kink. The housewife accusing the man of being a criminal and her remarks about him not being human made it even better. The doujin was an enjoyable read from start to finish. And the twist of him not actually being a rapist, but instead making the housewife kind of the rapist instead, good shit! Shit so good, I might think about putting it on my list of audio doujins I need to do…:/

But don't worry. I'd be scared of this big motherfucker too!

DId you enjoy this doujin? What do you think of raceplay? Would you like to get raed by this housewife? Tell us in the comments below.