Shadman Got Banned From Twitter
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 9 comments

SHADMAN HAS BEEN BANNED FROM TWITTER!!!...well, I’m sure most of you already knew that since it’s pretty much old news and has been resolved. Shadman is back on Twitter and doing what he does best, posting his beautiful art for all to see. Shadman had to make a tweet explaining to people who may stumble upon his work who he truly is:

Been getting a lot of new attention lately,so I'll  leave this here: Im NOT a nazi racist pedo ,Im not attracted to children,I dont want to rape/kill or hate anyone. Despite any of the violent and or sexual cartoons you see me draw, none of it is real or literal, have a nice day.

Now I’ve been following Shad for a good bit and understand the crazy and fucked up shit that he draws, but that’s just it, the crazy and fucked up shit that he draws. Shad isn’t actually going out (to my knowledge) in the real world raping people, touching underage kids,  throwing racist remarks at black people, and being a Nazi. Shad is just a guy who enjoys messing around with social boundaries using his art, which is what makes him so popular. If you don’t like his art, you can easily avoid it and never think about it again. Shad is a man who knows the difference between fiction and reality, and many others need to learn that clear fact as well.

Thanks you Shad for your amazing art. Keep lewding those lolis.

Do you follow Shadman? Do you think Shadman art goes too far? Should people art be censored? Tell us in the comments below.