The 10 Best Pokemon Doujins of All Time
By Anorak • 1 year ago • 11 comments

Trainers Do More Than Just Battle

(Girls of the Alola Region by SupaSmashSketcher on DeviantArt)

 Pokémon, a multimedia powerhouse with its inception in its first game released all the way back in February of 1996. The anime made its debut April 1, 1997 with Ash (Satoshi), Misty (Kasumi), and Brock (Takeshi) going on their adventure “to be the very best, like no one ever was”. There have been twenty-one seasons spanning from Kanto to Alola and many no characters introduced in each one.

With such a popular and long running franchise you KNOW there are some killer doujins on the stuff.


10. PM Gals XY 2

The sequel to the spinoff of the sites oldest Pokémon doujin PM Gals, this one is a veritable who’s who of Pokémon characters. It follows our four female Ash traveling companions Misty, May, Dawn, and Serena as they notice that Ash has paid more attention to their looks then before. Naturally they conclude Ash has hit puberty so they head off to seduce him. What follows is a comical tale of sexual awakening as Ash shows the girls his skills.

9. Atarashii Sekai e no Tobira no Kagi wa Shiranai Uchi ni GET Shite Ita yo

An original series piece centered on the relationship between Misty and Ash. Misty wonders why Ash has been giving her the cold shoulder lately and confronts him. She finds he feels like he has been using her but she confesses her love for him and he reciprocates. They return to their room for their first sexual experience as “lovers”. It even features Misty showing her knowledge of anal stimulation which she apparently just “heard”. Go figure.


8. BOKKIMON -Lana Is Really Interested In Sex

With the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon as well as the anime series the doujin world has seen a surge in popularity of the new characters. One such individual is Lana, one of Ash’s classmates from the Pokémon School of Melemele. This doujin starts and moves rather fast as a fishing Lana is confronted by a man who recognizes her and simply whips his dick out. Such a massive member basically hypnotizes her and she proceeds to have a swimsuit clad sexual encounter with this mysterious man.

7. Hanako Hen

Who doesn’t love a good MILF story? Well apparently, the user base are fans as we see here with a story about Ash and his mother after Ash returns home. As it turns out his mom is a real slut and within nine pages we go from a blowjob in the shower to sex in Pikachu themed lingerie.


Are you into feet? Do they get you going? Like the girls from Pokémon too? I have your holy grail right here. When Hilda finds a strange “Pokémon” that isn’t in the Pokédex and can’t be captured she does her best to keep it. The only thing she knows about this little guy is his love of women’s feet. She proceeds to chase him as he terrorizes the females of X and Y.


Kind of a girl next door style work focusing on the warm-hearted bond between our non-native male lead and Mallow, our sexually forward island girl. She proceeds to help him get “accustomed” to Alola in the Alola way, taking his virginity! It is a cute little piece and continues a Pokémon doujin theme of Mallow being the in control one when it comes to sex.

4. Fresh Beyond a Doubt

Here we see the return of two previously mentioned girls, Mallow and Lana, in what is a pretty straight forward threesome doujin. This one also brings a continuation of their erotic personalities as Mallow continues to take charge and Lana is a bit more of the shy type. When our protagonist finds the two have come by his place out of the blue Mallow feeds him a special meal that leads to him awakening to this sensual encounter. A+ on some very clever references to their work in the games as well, with Lana even mentioning that his dick “must be the famous Super Rod”.


3. Pokémon Trainer Alola's Body

In the Alola region the customs are a bit different from other regions. Here a winner of a Pokémon battle can choose to “do naughty things” instead of taking prize money. This leads to our main girl getting quite into these activities as opposed to her trials. It culminates with Lillie, Mizuki, Hau, and Elio all involved in a classic four-way in the free accommodations provided by the Pokécenter.

2. An Obedient Expert

Mallow continues her slutty activities by “deepening her bounds of friendship through skinship”. The twist? She has six older friends to work with. The seven definitely get their carnal fill from starting without bathing (explicitly) to all out all holes filled. Even includes two final pages of two more hotties to visit on Alola.

1. Pokémon Gym Leader Sabrina's Hypnotic Gym Battle 

Sun and Moon being the most recent game it is no shock so many of the most popular doujins are about its characters, though it is nice to see that sitting at the top is a return to Kanto for a bit mind control. The psychic type gym leader Sabrina finds herself in a bit of a situation as she tries to find the man attacking local female trainers. She finds him but he quickly takes control. Featuring my new favorite doujin line “Let me excavate your asshole with my dick” as well as some skin-tight clothing action as she sports her original Gen I outfit. Not hard to see why this one takes top spot with our users.

So, do your tastes match up with others around here? Are we missing a classic you feel should be higher? Think Elio’s penis from MAO FRIENDS is surprisingly accurate? Let us know in the comments!