Top 10 Hottest Netorare Tales
By Pr0nShark2 • 1 year ago • 17 comments

The world of Japanese Hentai can be a magical paradise for certain people, a visually stunning universe catering to even the most taboo and unorthodox of sexual kinks, appetites and fetishes—but to the uninitiated, it can also be a brutal and hostile wilderness, where one misstep lands you in a terrifying nightmare, full of horrors you can never unsee and bizarre creatures who lay eggs in their victims urethras. It’s far too easy to set out looking for one thing and end up discovering something else entirely—and not always for the better.


It’s because of this peril that I’ve decided to compile a top ten list of the best cheating (Netorare in Japanese) hentai films available on our companion site Hentai0, along with a brief discussion of what else is lurking in the shadows, aside from unfaithful wives and girlfriends. I personally love a good NTR storyline, but I understand that it may not be for everyone, so I’ll attempt to include other fetishes serviced by my recommended films as well. I’ve ranked them, though, by how predominant and effective the Netorare aspects are within each. Some amazing films got lower ranked because the cheating was secondary to other fetish storylines.


10.) Yet I Still Love My Wife

(1-2: netorare, harem, yuri, mind break, blackmail, humiliation, urination, creampie)

A truly great, if slightly unoriginal netorare story. Beautiful newlywed Nanami moves in with her new husband in a small but cozy apartment building, which for some reason utilizes shared bathrooms. It turns out that the fat, older, ugly landlord has cameras set up in the filthy, shared women’s restroom and uses footage of her peeing to blackmail and corrupt her. Unsurprisingly, he records their sex too and uses it to blackmail her further, habitually cumming inside of her. Over time, the landlord adds other tenants to his harem of sexual playthings and they start making pornos for fun. Eventually, the newlywed is reunited with a friend from college who can see that she’s going through a tough time. She barters more sex with this old acquaintance, in exchange for his help getting free from the landlord. Worth a watch if you’re a true NTR afficianado.


9.) Insidious Sister-Stalking Otaku

(1-3: netorare, schoolgirl, pigtails, mind break, drugging, exhibitionism, blackmail, gangbang)


Another classic blackmail-turned-corruption storyline, this time with a perpetually uniformed blonde, never seen without her hair in pigtails. Saki, is enslaved through blackmail and increasing levels of sexual domination. Her fatal flaw is that she’s dating her brother, which makes her an ideal target for the titular Otaku, who not only manages to accumulate plenty of dirt on our pretty protagonist, but also to humiliate her brother/boyfriend by keeping him informed with updates of Saki’s downfall. By the end, she’s severely drugged and passed along to strangers like a broken toy, all while her brother/boyfriend is helpless to save her.


8.) From Now, I will…

(1-2: netorare, schoolgirl, pigtails, mind break, humiliation, non-consent, old/ugly guy(s), creampies, exhibition, gangbang)

You’d think that these blondes with pigtails would learn not to date their brothers in Japan. This time it’s the girl’s coach who threatens to expose Yayoi’s relationship with her brother, unless she becomes his secret “sex friend.” Over time, he breaks her sexually and conditions her to love being cummed inside of, until he and the rest of the faculty end up passing her around while her beloved Onii-Chan watches, helpless on the other side of a window. Poor kid.


7.) Wanna. Spartansex Spermax

(1: netorare, cross-dressing, non-consent, creampie, mind break, creampie)

Searching for her cousin who’s gone missing under suspicious circumstances, Nagisa dresses up like a boy to seek information about alleged bullying that may be involved with her cousin’s disappearance. It turns out that a group of scofflaw hooligans are secretly running the school and using students that they bully to lure out siblings and girlfriends to rape and make playthings of. When they find out that Nagisa is actually a girl, they force her to embrace her feminine side before all having their way with her. I only wish we had more episodes of this.




6.) Hypnosis Slave Academy

(1-3: netorare, mind control, creampies, humiliation, mind-break, uniform, bondage, enema, futa)

Futoshi Satou is not a well-liked guy. He’s overweight, unattractive and keeps ending up in compromising situations around the opposite sex. There’s Nagisa, who bullies him relentlessly, Yuna, his crush who is all but oblivious to his interest and stuck-up, blonde, heiress Himeno who treats him like scum on her shoe. Futoshi’s luck is about to turn, though, when a mysterious relative sends him a powerful cell phone that allows him to hypnotize and reprogram others on a whim. This is one of the all-time great mind-control, hentais but the netorare angle (centered around Nagisa) is just above average, that’s why it’s not higher on the list.



5.) Taimanin Asagi

(1-4: netorare, non-consent, body modification, tentacles, stomach inflation, mind-break, humiliation, monsters)

Another of the all-time great hentai titles, with just so-so netorare storylines. Asagi is a super-elite demon-hunting ninja, involved in a sweet, lovey-dovey relationship with Sawaki that led her to retire as a demon hunter. But when other Taimanin start mysteriously dying, Asagi is urged out of retirement to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Unfortunately for her, it was a trap set by the reincarnated Oboro who not only humiliates and enslaves Asagi, forcing her to service countless humans and monsters alike—she also kidnaps and transforms Sawaki into an unrecognizable monster. Things go from bad to worse when Asagi’s little sister Sakura comes to try and rescue her captive sister, falling into Oboro's trap as well.




4.) Taimanin Yukikaze

(1-3: netorare, mind-break, forced prostitution, humiliation, enslavement, forced orgasm, body-modification)

Another Lilith classic following the exploits of fallen anti-demon ninjas. Yukikaze and Rinko are experienced, bad ass kunoichis, investigating the sex-slave prostitutes that populate the underworld of Demon City Tokyo. Yukikaze is an orphan who only knows that her mother was a sex-slave prostitute and may still be. She’s in a sweet, age appropriate relationship with Rinko’s younger brother, but when the taimanin go undercover as aspiring slave prostitutes, they find that their captors have more ways of breaking their will than just raping them. Will Yukikaze remember her love when she’s been raped by half the demonic underworld? Will he still believe in her when he starts getting DVDs of Yukikaze’s exploits? It all depends on her ability to keep it together.



3.) Fiendish: Diaries of Training a Mother and Two Sisters

(1-3: netorare, drugging, mind-break, incest, creampie, squirting, exhibitionism)

Another of the all-time great hentais featuring a teenage blonde with long pigtails. Kinichi is studying for exams, so his family sends him to live with his aunt and cousins so that he can focus. Apparently Kinichi is majoring in pharmaceutical engineering with a focus in mind-melting aphrodisiacs and naturally, he decides to test his latest creations on his young and nubile cousins and eventually his busty aunt. His first target is Nao, the youngest, who falls deep under his spell and works to help him bring down the rest of the family. Manami has a long-time boyfriend, but with a little help from Nao, he proves little resistance and eventually gets mind-broken by the bacchanal of sex. When the matriarch returns home, Kinichi blames everything on Manami’s ex before finishing his final conquest of the whole family all at once and making them into his personal harem.








2.) RinxSen & RinxSen + RanxSem

(1-2, 1-2: netorare, bukkake, non-con, blackmail, creampie, uniform, mind-break, yuri, urination)

Urara Ebihara is in love. She’s engaged to her beloved Kenichi San, but unfortunately he’s been missing and apparently has accrued some serious debts with unscrupulous types when his business went under. According to the thug who appears at her door, Urara is the single guarantor on his debts, so in order to recoup the money he owes and guarantee his safety Urara is sent to teach at Kurodou Academy. Unfortunately for Urara Sensei, Kurodou is less of a traditional school and more of a private harem for delinquents who have the right connections. Once she’s under the mob’s control, things keep going from bad to worse as Urara drowns in a personal hell of semen.






1.) Nightmare Family House

(1-2: Netorare, mind-break, BDSM, non-con, double penetration, creampie, humiliation)

Things seem to be going really well for Arata and his girlfriend Koharu, they’re young, in love and happy, but things take a tragic turn when her house burns down under questionable circumstances. Arata and Koharu are forced to move back in with his father and older brother, but unbeknownst to him, Arata’s father has his sights set on young Koharu and intends to make her his woman by force. Koharu still loves Arata, but she’s helpless against his advances and sinks even deeper into depravity when Arata’s older brother joins in on her training as a communal house-pussy. In the end, they decide to keep Koharu for themselves and kick Arata out of the house, once she’s sufficiently broken and Arata’s been forced to watch her descent into depravity.



There you have it, folks! The ten best examples of good girls gone bad, cheating on their boyfriends and husbands like they have no shame.  Do you agree with my list? Disagree strongly? Notice some glaring omissions? Let me know in the comments.