Virtual YouTuber Kaguya Luna Goes to Space
By Kasaix • 3 weeks ago • 10 comments

The famous virtual YouTuber Kaguya Luna broke a Guiness Record on Jun. 24th, setting a record for "holding a livestream using a smartphone at the highest altitude". Jun. 24th is UFO day in Japan, which comes into play here. For now, check out the stream below.

Now, let me be clear here: while this is being reported as a Guiness Record, I can't actually find a confirmation from Guiness themselves. I checked the site and found nothing. But I digress. The homepage for this event can be found HERE

Kaguya Luna’s adventure into space was sponsored by noodle maker Nissin. In particular, their brand of yakisoba called Nissin Yakisoba UFO, which was bundled along with a smartphone and sent off on a journey to space using a special helium-filled balloon. Nissin's UFO stands for Umai (Tasty), Futoi (Thick), and Oki (Large). Noodles are serious business. They said that they had NASA's support on this endeavor too.

Kaguya Luna, our space-faring V-Tuber reached a peak altitude of 30km before descending back to the Earth’s surface, almost doubling the 18.42km distance of the previous record holder. She earned her name here, as Kaguya is the name of the protagonist of the old folklore The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, where Kaguya-hime was born on the moon. Kaguya Luna got a bit closer to the Capital of the Moon with this feat.