A Review of Fiendish Magical Girl Rinne
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago • 11 comments

Now, you may be saying to yourself “What the fuck?” and that’s a fair question to ask at this point. As this game isn’t on Nutaku, that can only mean one thing: it was a special request. Kinky told me he had somebody ask for a professional opinion on this game and knowing my history of reviewing games on this site, he enlisted my services. Unaware of what lay ahead of me, your boy Imaginary dived into this experience with no prior information or knowledge. I was blind as a bat.

Dang… I don’t really review games not on Nutaku. What should I put here this time? Uh… you can find Fiendish Magical Girl Rinne... on the Internet. It’s a visual novel game that features some hardcore sexual themes and the English version came out earlier this year in March.... There, that oughta do it.


When it comes to the art, what you see in these reviews pictures is what you get. The two girls pictured around are the only real characters in the game and thus make up the entirety of the character portraits so if you’re not a fan of their designs, you won’t have a fun time. Don’t let their magical outfits distract you either, this game is anything but lighthearted. Really backgrounds were the sole negative aspect of the art. They aren’t drawn in the same style… or considering I think some were not drawn at all I should say modeled in the same style as the character portraits. Typically this doesn’t matter as the characters take up the vast majority of the screen, but in scenes where it’s just one character talking the style clash can become apparent and look ugly. The title screen music is fucking banging; it has lyrics and sounds like an anime opening, but every other track after that is simply atmospheric and does little more than set the mood.

I'm not crazy right? That shit clashes a little too much.


I’m pretty sure there wasn’t an ounce of meaning or purpose in this entire game, and even if there was and I just missed it, the hard emphasis on rape and other dark tones would of completely fucked it up for me in terms of taking it seriously. Basically the grey-haired girl, Rinne, is a psycho serial killer in the making. She hates her classmates, family, etc. for no other reason than that she’s morally insane. But, lucky for them, she’s also a little bitch who is too afraid to ever fight back or speak up for herself. Even when a nice classmate whom Rinne despises spends time attempting to befriend Rinne, Rinne can’t deny her simple requests and agrees to hang out even though she’d rather be at home gaming. The story goes on like this, until one day a talking spirit gives Rinne magical powers thinking she would become a hero. Obviously this goes horribly, she kills her classmates and random innocents for fun and destroys any shred of morality she had left. The spirit, realizing its mistake, gives some power to the classmate from before and they fight. After that we’re in sex city baby. The game hops from one sex scenario to another like it’s parkour, providing a couple choices along the way to tailour your experience. The rest was history.

Chill out I paid good money to get boosted to Diamond, fair and square.

The Sex

It’s been so long since my favorite aspect of a SEX game has been the SEX and I’m fucking hyped. The aformentioned setup to the story takes around 40 minutes, and after that you’re bombarded by a long list of sex scenes. Now, let’s be clear: this game loves its rape. Rape is absolutely the main kink at play here so if you hate that shit, you can stop reading this review and keep working toward your place in heaven. However, for my sinners in the room, there’s more to say. While rape is the main kink, you explore a ton of other genres including tentacles, blowjob, gangbang, mind breaking, hymen breaking?, masturbation, futanari, and more. And yes.. sadly… in true Japanese fashion the genitalia are fucking censored. BUT...before you close out and never look back, I will say it honestly didn’t affect the ride too much for me. All lines of dialogue are voiced in Japanese and the emotion they put into the roles carried the scenes through the censoring. I was more invested into the characters and how they reacted to the sex than the mere art of the sex itself thanks to the voice acting. Also, props to how the writers incorporated some of the conversations from the 40 minutes of setup into the sex. It made the scenes feel more unique to the characters as they recounted past exchanges, and it made the player feel that said 40 minutes wasn’t wasted time trying to reach the good parts. Nice touch.

Prepare for trouble, and make it double.

I absolutely understand why some would be turned off due to the content alone, but for me it was a welcomed break from the repetitive yuri trope of “I’m a cute girl and you’re a cute girl and we fall in love and it’s cute and we fuck and it’s cute.” What can I say? I’m a sick fuck and sometimes I guess I like a quick fuck.

TLDR; Apart from securing my place in hell, this game was pretty good, 4/5

Are you alright with more hardcore themes? Will you be checking this game out? Rape me in the comments below.