Anon - Milf pimp - 1 hour ago
Bakugo mad that he got the shrimp ????????????
Mehd - 2 hours ago
The absence of goblins is disgusting
OverlordMichael - 2 hours ago
No Ada Wong nude mod yet huh
Anon - anon - 2 hours ago
So i'm guessing this is a series, but i can't find the others, anywhere.
raynery92 - 2 hours ago
Anon - No - 2 hours ago
Looks like the guy behind jump force watch dbz abridged.
Anon - Pie - 2 hours ago
Anon - Pie - 2 hours ago
Ya'll don't know what ya missing
Anon - Pie - 2 hours ago
Anon - dayumson - 3 hours ago
This just might have been one of the top three doujins I've ever read. Thanks for making this free to read!
KILLERMAN3591 - 4 hours ago
This is art!
Anon - ikeikemochi - 5 hours ago
Beautiful as always
ashchi - 5 hours ago
Anon - Anon - 5 hours ago
Anon - Anon - 6 hours ago
Anon - lewd loli - 6 hours ago
I'd love for someone to just put a vibrator inside me and turn it on and off whenever they felt like it. Especially in public, like at school, or at the library or actually anywhere!Just thinking about it gets e wet!
randomdude - 6 hours ago
just took a sharp turn into yandere-ville
Anon - lewd loli - 6 hours ago
if only a teacher or anyone would touch me
randomdude - 6 hours ago
when you extra thirsty and he just doesnt get
Anon - Anon - 6 hours ago
*These ho's ain't loyal*
BigRedBeast - 7 hours ago
ffs, what the hell happened to "innocent until proven guilty."? I know it's wrong if someone rapes or abused their position of power to sexually exploit or harass men or women, but ffs this #metoo movement is getting out of control to falsely accuses people or to accuse people with no evidence. Though there are some people who are accused that did do what was claimed.
Anon - sorry - 7 hours ago
Then there be me rear entrance that I make sure has a butt plug for when I start clopping Mrs. Cake in her bakery shop that’s in Ponyville It was amazing for a clopping experience
Anon - sorry - 7 hours ago
And I love sucking me cock whenever me free time is not focused on dumb manga/comics/manwha Like Danny Phantom, School Days, Daganropa, or Emergence
Anon - Kristofer Viloria - 8 hours ago
Yeesh, I can just tell season 2’s dubbed airing/production is gonna be a massive minefield if no one heavily opposes Jamie Marchi.
Anon - Ian - 8 hours ago
Bowser, an ironic name for the new president of Nintendo.
Anon - Ian - 8 hours ago
It also seems that the story is similar to someone else's story. Don't know what is going on but if the evidence that she is lying and making things up in this situation she is boned.
Anon - sorry - 9 hours ago
Shut up you dumbass. Can someone post this on r/niceguys?
Alec - 9 hours ago
And yeah, fuck humans. I recently started reading MTMTE, which is doper than dope. ...The dopest.
Alec - 9 hours ago
I didn't even know there were weapon drops, so that's dope. I do know that any downloaded content isn't available anymore, which makes me sad, since there was a skin to make Sideswipe into Red Alert.
Anon - sorry - 9 hours ago
This whole comment section is my rant
Anon - sorry - 9 hours ago
Let me list a few good romance webcomics or manwha's or what ever you should read. Miss Abbot and The Doctor (webtoon) Empress from another world (yes she might be a mary sue but its a good story) Survive as the heros wife Wolf girl and black prince (something like that) (its a really good story but I can't remember it ;-;) I've read too many I can't even remember the good ones
Anon - Nice - 9 hours ago
Anon - sorry - 9 hours ago
its a fucking formula that I hate. And don't get me started on the "I'm going to overcome my battles" three chapters later the whole plot A GOOD PLOT is abandoned for this stupid love story. I've read romance manga every day for the past 2 years now and I am thoroughly pissed that all the ones with good plots abandon it for love or throw the whole characters personality away.
Anon - sorry - 9 hours ago
that I'm the smartest person but jesus fucking christ when the eyes are next to the mouth and the character tries to fight every girl she see's and shes "not like other girls" it annoys me. Like who wants to read a story about a heroine that's finding love, falls in love, surprise rival bitch, surprise makes mc think her man is cheating, surprise they deafeat rival bitch. happy ending.
Anon - JustA14YearOld - 9 hours ago
gud shut
Anon - sorry - 9 hours ago
What a lazy artist. I mean if you're only going to draw a picture with text make it a visual novel :/ Sorry I'm just in a pissy mood some girl in my webcomic is trying to get with the mcs man and its really annoying and everyone on the app is so ignorant the app says 12+ but they're easily 9 or some shit. They can't tell a mary sue from a good character and I'm not trying to say I'm the smartest
Anon - Anon diva la vida - 9 hours ago
Girl you stupid to get pregnant
Anon - Z - 9 hours ago
She destroyed a perfectly fine pantyhose. Not that I'm
Anon - Asura11101 - 10 hours ago
Left: Virgin Student. Right: The Chad-Mom
Anon - Asura - 10 hours ago
The virgin student, and Chad-Mom
Oddest Ball - 10 hours ago
And since it's all Gen 1 style, be prepared for doofy old Grimlock and his waddle run while swinging his tiny arms.
Oddest Ball - 10 hours ago
Transforming can also play a part in combat, mostly transforming at the end of your combo to ram or tailspin. Story's ... a bit difficult to recall, but there are no humans in it, which I've recently realized bring down Transformer stories for me. I think it was fine. World is pseudo-open. Lots of traveling and challenges to do.
Oddest Ball - 10 hours ago
It's good. Weapon drops are a bit Borderlands/Diablo-ish with some special gear items you can make/find. Weapons also have levels, I think. There was some kind of enhancement you could do to improve ammo capacity and/or damage. Dodge focused combat as Platinum does with a melee emphasis though there are a variety of guns. Boss battles are hectic but fun. Voice acting's good, models are good.
Anon - ThatGuy - 10 hours ago
Am I weird that I find the bandages sexier than just full out nudity?
Anon - Alec - 11 hours ago
Seeing as it was released on current gen consoles as well, my moneys on them just fucking up the old gen ports. I'm thinking of picking up a copy, though, seeing as I forgot the game even existed until recently. I do love me a good Transformers game.
Oddest Ball - 11 hours ago
Oh boy. Had it for my 360. What a mess. Anytime I tried to load it would crash or start me with no items. I was able to play through the story in a day, and it was a good game, Platinum did good, but my glod, something was horribly wrong with my disk or something. Can't play it on that ever again.
Oddest Ball - 11 hours ago
Saw the sub, sticking with it. It's what I know. Mansplaining. If I ever sound condescending to a person when explaining something to them, it's because I think they're stupid as a human. Stupidity, like greed and evil, does not pick sex lines. If you're just plain stupid, you're just fucking stupid. I don't think Tosh has ever been funny.
Oddest Ball - 11 hours ago
Way to shill, Kasaix.
Anon - Antivaxx pussy - 12 hours ago
Omg I thot it said "cuz the oil man is fingering mino sans pussy"
Anon - Antivaxx pussy - 12 hours ago
The oil HOLY SHIT THAT MADE ME THINK Girl: I'm getting molested Antivaxx mum: ESSENTIAL OILS WILL FIX
Alec - 12 hours ago
You ever play Transformers: Devastation, Odd?
Anon - puncake - 12 hours ago
Now that's what i call a triple finish. mainly because 3 nuts total at this time
Anon - Unknown - 13 hours ago
You already crossed the line woman! Might as well take it next level.
Keemari - 14 hours ago
I watch dubs I prefer and that being said I didn't see the sub. When I heard that I felt it was off. Like that doesn't even seem like a joke in line with the rest of the series. Go down to funnimation comments and find out about it and I'm like what the hell. Of course one person did say oh look it's the line they changed that the internet went overboard reacting to. cont-
calvin2323 - 14 hours ago
Isn't this the same person who posted a threat to Vic, saying she wants his head? God damn she is crazy. Just by reading these comments to she must be a freaking nut case. I honestly think she shouldn't be working there for a while or permanently if she is gonna say those kinds of things.
Melteddre - 14 hours ago
Fuuuuck I bet that feels good asf
Anon - fuck - 15 hours ago
Anon - Penis Parker - 15 hours ago
Mr I don’t feel so good.
Anon - Unknown. - 15 hours ago
This is not the kind of world I wanna live in. (Scared Face) where’s the choice of being who you want to be?
Anon - Unknown - 15 hours ago
For awhile I was lost and I want to say to the guy “great power comes with great responsibility” if I had that kind of power, I pray that I keep my common sense with me and do small unnoticeable changes.
Anon - TheSinful - 16 hours ago
"Oh, I knew he was doing these things for over a decade." Gee, you were awfully buddy buddy with the guy who was apparently harassing and abusing you and several others.
Anon - Me - 16 hours ago
How Japan see American woman : HUGE tits, blond hair, craving for sex. How European see American woman : Huge ass, retarded look, craving for burger.
Anon - Me - 16 hours ago
Welp, that's going to be hard to
Anon - randomphrases - 17 hours ago
I can't believe it is possible for someone to use mansplain in a sentence seriously. Next we shall use pussy dripping when people are freaking out. Lets get to it people.
Rosedeath - 17 hours ago
Ed, Spirit, Tamaki, Ikkaku, Junpei, Qrow. All the rest I didn't remember or hadn't seen yet(like Shigeru). I don't have favorite character per-say but I have to pick than Ed, Spirit or Qrow.
Anon - lion - 17 hours ago
this is a
Anon - lion - 17 hours ago
this is a
Anon - A person - 17 hours ago
So you may still write about it? Some works IMO go to far but you can't really see the difference between chars 14 years old to 24 years old in a lot of them. It also doesn't help that according to another article i read somewere women are actually getting more beautifull every generation and faster at that. I mean haven't we all been surprised once about the age of a person you met.
Anon - Unknown - 18 hours ago
I assumed this is how women went “you are supposed to put it in my pussy. But this is not bad ” after inserting.
Anon - Unknown - 18 hours ago
How long are Centaurs’ uterus? That can’t be a normal length for a toy.
Anon - 123Hentai - 18 hours ago
I don't wanna hear Jamie Marchi again cause I found out she was the one who made things more political than they should've Now she's bitching about not getting work and trying to get her "fans" to speak up to say they want more She has such an ego and a feminist to boot.
Anon - Unknown - 18 hours ago
Are you trying to tear those tits apart?!
Anon - Unknown - 18 hours ago
Oh my god what is this? It’s hot but not like you know.
Niggersmun - 19 hours ago
To be honest, the frame of her feet close up and the one on top, fucked with my head for a bit.
Anon - JapNyanEse - 19 hours ago
The top line of Japanese literally reads - batto komyunikeshyon. You are welcome. Dunno why tho.
Anon - 2 Finger Power - 19 hours ago
Anon - 2 Finger Power - 19 hours ago
So she has proper feet.
Anon - Unknown - 19 hours ago
Losing your virginity to the one who gave birth to you. It does happen in mythology.
Anon - 2 Finger Power - 19 hours ago
Those fingers tho
Anon - round rabbit - 19 hours ago
hopefully they will be out of a job after vic's lawsuit, since the only the way it seems to clean up a industry these days is via lawsuit.
Anon - Sans - 20 hours ago
No you just have a human inside of you.
skhan007 - 21 hours ago
yay lol, she gets daddies affection
magewolf - 22 hours ago
ed will always be a personal fave, but qrow is the one i identify with.
Hectotane - 22 hours ago
* Draws kids in sex scenes. * "No. They're adults." * Assume everyone else is stupid enough not to know the difference. * Wonders why laws against it are being passed left and right. * Still assumes everyone is stupid. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my popcorn.
Anon - Tracey F. - 22 hours ago
Okay, this must be the universe where Stewie got that pig from because this bull has knuckles and that's going to hurt if it throws a rampage while you're within twenty feet of it without two dozen drunk rednecks trying to run from it.
Anon - sasuke - 23 hours ago
chan? what are you some weeaboo
Anon - sasuke - 23 hours ago
i Already did
Anon - sasuke - 23 hours ago
she's not this tall
Anon - sasuke - 23 hours ago
what the fuck?¸
Anon - fucking hey - 23 hours ago
it's more ino the slut
Anon - fucking hey - 23 hours ago
Anon - fucking hey - 23 hours ago
Anon - fucking hey - 23 hours ago
Oh samui is submited oh shit so fucking hot
Anon - fucking hey - 23 hours ago
Oh my sheez, look at those boobs, look at hinata's body it has folds oh so hot
anonthemaus - 1 day ago
anonthemaus - 1 day ago
that would unbelievably hurt
anonthemaus - 1 day ago
windomen - 1 day ago
I don't want to live in a world where plot is more acceptable then ☆Justice☆
omega0915 - 1 day ago
If she's lucky she'll lay eggs, if she's unlucky it will be live birth
yurilover8 - 1 day ago
I'm still surprised people like Zarya and Mei to each their own
Anon - ANON - 1 day ago
It's a difficult situation. This stuff should not be taking place on social not that the court is a much better place. The metoo movement is helpful in getting victims together to form an actual case together, but the unfortunate side effect is the abundance of senseless whiteknights who don't give a shit about proof or law. ... Doesn't matter to me either way though, I don't watch dubs.
Anon - Door to door Hentai Salesman - 1 day ago
That took WAY longer then I thought it would
Anon - Pie - 1 day ago
Transformation jutsu
Thesubscriber - 1 day ago
Hey, A Medaka box reference, nice.
Lv100Boss - 1 day ago
When is this dlc dropping?
The Avrage Weeb - 1 day ago
You just proposed rape then said rape is bad. Why even bring it up in the first place
Anon - mokoto is hot - 1 day ago
"Like we give a flying shit about a cumdump's work." In fact if it should matter, it would be suspicious if Makoto is absent of work for a long time.
Anon - mokoto is hot - 1 day ago
Even when she is "free", she is still their slave.
Anon - mokoto is hot - 1 day ago
There is something disturbingly funny about seeing Mokoto in a wheelbarrow race to reach a cock.
Anon - mokoto is hot - 1 day ago
It is something ironic, her pride prevented her from calling reinforcements in time, now she has none.
Anon - SweetMercifulJellybeans - 1 day ago
Who's the VA?
Anon - mokoto is hot - 1 day ago
In a short time they will not even need any type of machine to control her.
Anon - mokoto is hot - 1 day ago
The logic of these gentlemen is something strange. Act all high and mighty + High cut leotard = Cumdump who'll fuck anywhere.