LinkOfKalos - 17 minutes ago
LinkOfKalos - 18 minutes ago
Alright. Guess the JoJo/Bro pose.
Anon - Anon - 19 minutes ago
Oh yes! put a child masturbating on the internet! Not like that's illegal or anything!
LinkOfKalos - 19 minutes ago
And here come the JoJo poses
LinkOfKalos - 38 minutes ago
God I wish that were me
LinkOfKalos - 42 minutes ago
I've read this multiple times and it always gets me how much a dumbass he is. She's pregnant.
LinkOfKalos - 53 minutes ago
Uh oh
LinkOfKalos - 56 minutes ago
That's so anime. But still so cute
Oddest Ball - 57 minutes ago
Yup. That's the same teacher, and that's the same guy.
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
She's the one who should be enslaved.
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
She's an elf. She's rich.
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
The nerve of this cunt.
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
You think her world's already fallen while she's been here?
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
"No. Stop. Please don't."
FutaKing - 1 hour ago
I've been using the same username since middle school for everything(not Futaking, for maybe obvious reasons). It's only ever been taken once. "Bloodedprince" I'm not saying I was a edgelord, I'm just not saying I wasn't one. The variation being BloodPrinceZero after my good man lelouch
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
Are YOU serious, bitch?
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
They are the most important details, you bimbo!
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
She's begging for it. She's trying to reverse psychology him.
LinkOfKalos - 1 hour ago
There's definitely more to this, right?
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
Her favorite sword is the Sword of Damocles. She likes having it over her head at all times.
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
I hate her for her elf snob, but I love her for putting down his isekai shit like that.
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
Now is it one of his regular eyes or like his 3rd eye?
LinkOfKalos - 1 hour ago
Boy about to be isekai'd
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
I still regret the first Xbox and PSN names we made for our family systems. The Xbox is forever stained with a The Office reference, and our PSN was just a ridiculous way of saying Batman. Fuck, I'm glad I made my own accounts away from the family ones.
omega0915 - 1 hour ago
the feelz
Anon - Odd - 1 hour ago
Huh, did author fail anatomy?
Anon - Odd - 2 hours ago
It wasn't his mind that was going to
Anon - Odd - 2 hours ago
Heya baby girl, let me whisper in your ear.
Anon - Odd - 2 hours ago
Oh shit, MC is gonna get shot.
Anon - Odd - 2 hours ago
How is she even standing upright?
Anon - Odd - 2 hours ago
Holy shit! This is 314 pages?! Welp, guess it's gonna be a long night.
Anon - Odd - 2 hours ago
Guy' Usually I don't feel this way, but I'm gettin' weird vibes reading
Anon - Odd - 2 hours ago
She looks Damn the Japanese and their weird ages!
Anon - Big yames - 2 hours ago
What the fuck type bullshit is this
CagraCourter - 3 hours ago
Anon - Mav - 3 hours ago
You youngins must be new to this, lol ????
Anon - Ihira - 3 hours ago
Nowadays, I will say that I love the names that I use when I make accounts someplace, but when I was younger, hell no. I used random letters or numbers or just based it off of NPCs from the same game cause I had no creativity with names. Hell, my first youtube channel that I made about over a decade ago was a random 7 digit number. I made a new one 11 years ago with a slightly better name.
Anon - Cagra - 3 hours ago
This is so fucked up, how can anyone enjoy this
BlueAzul831 - 5 hours ago
I love the shit out of mine, had it over a decade
Anon - Anonymous - 5 hours ago
Love it! The hot queen asking her subjects to satisfy her lust.
Anon - Anakin - 5 hours ago
Now this is pod racing!
Anon - Ohma Revive (of SpaceBattles) - 5 hours ago
Of course the prequel (even if it’s still a shitty NTR doujin) is behind a premium membership. -_-
Anon - I just nutted - 6 hours ago
This is very good
Anon - XD - 6 hours ago
pffft no mine is cool and unique. why would I regret it? and I don't mean the one I put to write this
Anon - Bigboss - 6 hours ago
I really dig the hero and villan/antagonist ships. Like Claire and Mr X, or Samus and Ridley, Peach and Bowser, Bowsette and Mario, and Jill and Nemesis.
Anon - Nemo - 6 hours ago
I use whatever, random junk, memes, old references, real names. Never gave a shit, honestly. I mean in the end I'm just another random fuckhead on the interwebs.
MrObvious - 6 hours ago
Meh, I like mine because I state the Obvious and that's it. And nope, as crazy as it sounds I have not had such a dilemma tbh. Oh since your(hopefully) still the same Bleach shill like me Snooze here's a blog idea for your spare time: 10 sinister and deadly Bleach babes we'd still bring home against our better judgement.
Anon - Noni the fuck - 6 hours ago
This panel greatly disturbes me.
Anon - Necro - 7 hours ago
And remember kids, instead of putting in any actual work to get better at fucking, just use drugs! I like me a Sahara Wataru doujin and all, but shit, its sad that Naruto is literally too lazy to go from "pump your hips till you cum" to actually trying anything different.
Anon - You look good today - 7 hours ago
Well that escalated quickly
Anon - tubesox - 8 hours ago
Full color, loli cat-girl, with only minimal focus on the dude. My day is complete.
Aldoso - 8 hours ago
Now I hope she gets caught.
tanakaba - 8 hours ago
370 in Japanese means suck, probably.
Aldoso - 8 hours ago
At times I wonder what a futanari like Airi would bother dating a boy/girl for. They'd have a woman's sensitive spots and a man's part. They could do a full one-woman porn scene by themselves until they're satisfied.
Aldoso - 8 hours ago
So I guess she has ovaries and a womb meaning can get pregnant despite her male parts.
Anon - Toni - 11 hours ago
Hectotane - 11 hours ago
I vouch for elves. They know how to age well. But I also vouch for adult anime titles that focus on the actual fucking of different species than dreams and reviews of them.
jklblink619 - 11 hours ago
Love every time this artist is posted. Fantastic work.
UchihaMaster1 - 13 hours ago
Still hoping for a Naruto/Sarada Solo Doujin.
Anon - ok - 13 hours ago
damn chat
LinkOfKalos - 13 hours ago
Who wouldn't want to fuck a 500 year old elf? Also, yeah I'd fuck an angel too.
LinkOfKalos - 13 hours ago
You're a devil, not human
LinkOfKalos - 13 hours ago
But you already did. The sigil is proof of that
Reemer72 - 13 hours ago
Tsunade: you've got guts kid naruto: and I'm about to be all up in your granny Tsunade
LinkOfKalos - 13 hours ago
God I wish that were me in the 6th panel
LinkOfKalos - 13 hours ago
My mans angry because he can't see panties
LinkOfKalos - 13 hours ago
Damn boi. He THICC
Itasian - 15 hours ago
Im an american but have asian heritage as well and never saw the appeal of it. The whole bbc cucking always felt kinda demeaning. Like i would never be good enough or women expect only bbc. Hell i got rejected a few times cause i was not a blasian, a black asian. My area preder black men or dad bode to my shock and worry
Anon - person - 15 hours ago
Anon - Bootleg Joseph Joestar - 15 hours ago
Anon - Jajota - 16 hours ago
Hello sir, did you hear from our lord Satán?
Anon - Hentai classification committee's bot - 16 hours ago
Bestiality . . . Nope . . . Furry . . . Nope . . . Rebooting . . .
Anon - noobmaster69 - 16 hours ago
jupmod - 17 hours ago
Given the choice, I'll go with the sexy 500 year old elf girl. That 50 year old human woman is one ugly bitch. I've seen real-life 50 year old women look better than that.
Anon - Pyro - 17 hours ago
that was amazing. I like seeing girls bully boys, biggest turn on!
Anon - Oydin - 17 hours ago
Что тут происходит?
Anon - Hatyaso - 18 hours ago
LeogangMonty - 18 hours ago
He got some dick for you that's what he's got
LeogangMonty - 18 hours ago
The kind of ship I approve of
worsthusbando - 18 hours ago
I don't think burly is the right  
Anon - . - 18 hours ago
Won't even pay child support either
The Avrage Weeb - 20 hours ago
Wow! This is cursed! I'm calling it now!
The Avrage Weeb - 20 hours ago
Desert is barren
The Avrage Weeb - 20 hours ago
Love Cure? You mean, like, "Pretty Cure"?
Anon - Greenboi - 20 hours ago
Can't beat 500 year old elf or loli elf, or regular elf, I have an elf fetish. And Angels are 11/10
Anon - Greenskin - 20 hours ago
Played this last year, I love pixel art and the game covers a lot of my fetishes so I personally really loved it. But it is sadly very short, and after you collect all the slaves there's little else but just repeating the actions. But its a small game, so if you're into elfs, orcs, rape, slavery, and sexy pixel art I recommend it.
The Avrage Weeb - 20 hours ago
Give me more
The Avrage Weeb - 21 hours ago
She knows what she's doing
The Avrage Weeb - 21 hours ago
She digs in the bottom of the barrel!
The Avrage Weeb - 21 hours ago
Goddamn! But at the same time fuck that guy, but don't actually fuck him
anon - 21 hours ago
mouth vacuuming cock in the distance, a splatter doujin sakura.
Anon - sigh - 21 hours ago
So this idiot tries to make the woman beg for his cock and now he has a problem with her begging for his cock, I think he just enjoys bitching
The Avrage Weeb - 21 hours ago
That's fucked
The Avrage Weeb - 21 hours ago
Cum! Cum in his mouth! His own cum in his mouth! Cum in his mourh!
Anon - sigh - 21 hours ago
Would have been better if she just shrugged and left and HE was on his knees begging
The Avrage Weeb - 22 hours ago
I don't think they were college mates
The Avrage Weeb - 22 hours ago
Maybe his count is too low. Maybe your vag is extremely hostile. Maybe it's Maybelline
Anon - ... - 22 hours ago
Looks more like he's the one being raped here
Anon - ... - 22 hours ago
Yeah I didn't wanna say it before, but it sounds like she WANTS to do sadly even as an elf she's not that beautiful and I hope he says that to her
Anon - ... - 22 hours ago
Oh no, you're not being blackmailed go on and keep talking badly about him while he has a secret over your head
kelb - 23 hours ago
To Marifuji's last line; boo fucking hoo.
Anon - Bazpanda - 23 hours ago
Naruto, a thot is a thot, you have Tsunade and Shizune, who the fuck needs Sakura for? shot Sasuke impregnated that hoe and she have glasses to Sadara an UCHIHA!!! fuck both Tsunade and Shizune have better bloodlines then her.
Anon - Bazpanda - 23 hours ago
thots are thots Tsunade, at least your traditional, that's why we love fucking you and Shizune.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
And yet somehow I doubt there's a sequel.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Oh his room.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
In the middle of what you drunkenly started?
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
And now she's on her back again.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
On her back - on her tits. Man's a flipping wizard.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Oh they are in her room. I thought they were still out in the street.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
This is when the blackout starts.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
I'll chalk that grammar mistake up to him being drunk.