Anon - Oof - 13 minutes ago
Why does everyone add a penis on to women like this it makes me sad and ruins it
Anon - Inner Thoughts - 43 minutes ago
Now is the time
Anon - Inner Thoughts - 45 minutes ago
Sounds - 45 minutes ago
They made 6 episodes based on this?
Sounds - 47 minutes ago
Plots a turn off I don’t really know what’s happening. Good artwork though
Sounds - 48 minutes ago
Oh wow this is really hot she’s riding him like crazy
Sounds - 55 minutes ago
What the fuck!? Who wrote this?
Sounds - 56 minutes ago
Okay this actually got pretty dark it makes sense I’m reading this before 13 reasons why season 3 comes out
Sounds - 57 minutes ago
Wait did he drug her?!
Sounds - 58 minutes ago
A+ on the story if this dude gets a bomb ass girl and starts to fuck her without telling this bitch. I really hope that’s how it goes.
Sounds - 1 hour ago
He should totally post and market that to solicit other couples
Anon - DIO - 1 hour ago
Sounds - 1 hour ago
Okay this panel was pretty hot I still don’t like her though
Sounds - 1 hour ago
Dude you don’t have internet look up porn.
Sounds - 1 hour ago
I’m not familiar with how monkeys have sex is it a lot like dolphins?
Sounds - 1 hour ago
I would have a very poor poker face around her.
Sounds - 1 hour ago
They’re doing it on purpose obviously. That girl is trouble he needs to lock his window and keep her away.
Sounds - 1 hour ago
I don’t know there are some girls I’ve known a long time and I’m not sure how Ild feel about seeing them get intimate.
Sounds - 1 hour ago
She sucks. Who gives a shit what she does in her own room?
Sounds - 1 hour ago
This guy is actually pretty built
Sounds - 1 hour ago
Imagining that much hotter female getting creampied is more of a turn on.
Anon - Joey - 1 hour ago
The drawing is so good it makes me want to save the girls from every single bad things happens in here I hope teen girls don't have to let something as nice as sex to be ruined by other people raping them I hope the girls happens to be a trap that just make the men's penis broken by stepping on it giving a foot job I hope they won't get raped to the point that they passed out in another world
Sounds - 1 hour ago
Pole smoking doesn’t count as rape?
Anon - Joey - 1 hour ago
I am sorry, she is scared and telling her daughter to look away, and despite how good sex feel being raped and taken away the security and experience and basically every nice thing about it, to some random dude that are hurtful and whom none of the girls liked, how do you ask me to fap to this I mean
ZeOmega - 1 hour ago
Ah Dot Hack, the memories.
Sounds - 1 hour ago
Bull dyke. Lol this guy doesn’t hold back huh?
Sounds - 1 hour ago
Do a spin off where the husband fucks the shot out of that escort she looked hot as shit. And I hope his wife gets pregnant with that idiots kid.
tanakaba - 2 hours ago
Are you a boy, or are you a Pokèman?
Anon - Anon - 3 hours ago
Big Dark It's like a dream come true.
LinkOfKalos - 3 hours ago
Doomrah - 3 hours ago
OR how about instead of husbandos ,you call them men.
Anon - Sakura - 3 hours ago
Anon - Sakura - 4 hours ago
futanari i is the best. especially w:/o balls.
Anon - Anon - 4 hours ago
I'm a professional biologist and you are indeed right. By the ears, that's a wolf.
Hectotane - 7 hours ago
Yes but what about the main male protagonist of Poke Sword&Shield? Scottish Poke Trainer was always on his cock.
Anon - Anonymous - 9 hours ago
The Niijima sisters are such beauties. It’s hard to resist them.
Anon - Jojofags - 9 hours ago
Anon - Solaire27 - 12 hours ago
Bruh moment
Anon - @-@ - 13 hours ago
how the paq did that happened
Anon - David - 13 hours ago
DocBizzleB - 14 hours ago
Ultra Instinct
Anon - m - 14 hours ago
there giving this to much of a backstory
Anon - Shakespeare - 14 hours ago
You won't have his milkies If you don't take off your panties
Anon - Pein - 16 hours ago
A fair revenge is needed to this story
saintali111 - 16 hours ago
The Avrage Weeb - 17 hours ago
Why is her asshole so high up?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? It not even on her fucking ass!!!
The Avrage Weeb - 17 hours ago
Ooh?! A business suit?! That's my kink
The Avrage Weeb - 17 hours ago
Ichi byou keika
DocBizzleB - 18 hours ago
Tmitter The slutty Twitter
Anon - Bryan Masten - 19 hours ago
For me, Regura is the master of drawing insect girls.
dadahyro - 21 hours ago
how did he rol her on her back?
Anon - Alexrex333 - 22 hours ago
i like it
Anon - wow - 1 day ago
this aint for kids
manuelUra - 1 day ago
interesting list, but for a moment i thought there would be retro games here too XD
omega0915 - 1 day ago
This was great until she started reacting. Everyone ruins the emotionless sex fetish by finding her 'weak' spot. Damn it why can't there be more emotionless sex. Not to say this is a bad doujin, its just hard to feed this fetish.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Warms my heart to see so much Nintendo on there.
Anon - Hamm - 1 day ago
Ah, Inuyasha and Blue Exorcist, my two favorite shows where the main guy is half-demon. I loved that show. I am a shipper for Rin and Shieme, or however you spell it. also, that Rias is a demon? I haven't watched High School DxD.
Anon - Hades - 1 day ago
When you make your own baby brother
Anon - Hades - 1 day ago
Look at that dudes head
Anon - Hades - 1 day ago
Super weird
Anon - Cheeky monkey - 1 day ago
That's not honouring a contract, it's blackmail! Who will everyone believe? "She's a demon and we should kick her out." Or "Sensei had sex with me and I think I might be pregnant."
Anon - Anon - 1 day ago
Wait a second Have the black bars been an evil aura all along???
Anon - idgaf - 1 day ago
it's only part one but so far netorare seems mis-tagged thank goodness
Anon - MyHeroMAGAdemia - 1 day ago
Whoever made this doujin this artstyle is spot on compared to Hori's ????
The Avrage Weeb - 1 day ago
You know, with a name like Konami I would've imagined her fucking herself
Berratik - 1 day ago
Yesssss omg
Anon - franklin - 1 day ago
wow sexy asf
YustLooking - 1 day ago
Woah! That's rare; no futa on sight
Anon - Kitsu - 1 day ago
Wait, does she really have a tatoo right there?
Anon - AEIOU - 1 day ago
Anon - ... - 1 day ago
Anon - ... - 1 day ago
Anon - Anonymous - 1 day ago
Not yet
Anon - Anon - 1 day ago
Dat ass
Anon - Ass Clown - 1 day ago
That boy got a thin penis, its like a twizzler
Anon - A ball - 1 day ago
Duse, that ia l o n g!
Anon - A ball - 1 day ago
I guess she just implies that the father wasn't very pleasuring guy.
Anon - A ball - 1 day ago
I must kill her before , ok, yeah this'll do!
Anon - Kipplee - 1 day ago
What was this game called originally?
oh_god_why - 1 day ago
Except Hanekawa didn't stop and I think only Araragi can make her stright
oh_god_why - 1 day ago
1. This means Senjogahara has fucked both probably in the same night 2. See that look? That is the look of THIRST and no drain touch can beat it
Anon - Anonymous - 1 day ago
Sex bomb
Anon - Anonymous - 1 day ago
Sex bomb
Anon - Anon - 1 day ago
Why are so many prillya doujins so cursedly disgusting? I don’t think I can read Nagatoro anymore.
rico18 - 1 day ago
He was just talking to her, that's all, I doubt this manga will go from vanilla to ntr after 6 chapters
rico18 - 1 day ago
He was just talking to her, that's all, I doubt this manga will go from vanilla to ntr after 6 chapters
Anon - Lost - 1 day ago
This page is messy af
girlgoat - 1 day ago
wait now the condom is covered in his semen, so why?
girlgoat - 1 day ago
there's something weird about the shape of her head in the right panel maybe she's right to hide her face
girlgoat - 1 day ago
why is that the first guess?
Anon - Gandalf - 1 day ago
Im sorry but adults shouldnt be this retarded
Anon - Wellshi - 1 day ago
Well this is refreshing. Normally its the guy who held the ladies leg up during mating
Droffats - 1 day ago
Holding back the dick jokes would be the sensible decision. SO GO HARD ON THEM NO BALLS
The-Divine-Chaos - 1 day ago
ooooo dis gon b gud
JOJO-IX - 1 day ago
He had his dick out during that entire off-screen fight, didn't he?
Anon - Aru - 2 days ago
Are we just not gonna talk about the dude's neck
Anon - N - 2 days ago
Anon - Duku - 2 days ago
Anon - Duku - 2 days ago
Anon - idk - 2 days ago
have you been watching some corridor?
Reemer72 - 2 days ago
Olga: I'm going to break you Rayia:ahhhh??!! Olga: Like a kit-kat bar
Anon - Dj - 2 days ago
...what? Whatever man
Anon - iBlackMonster - 2 days ago
Anon - Palu - 2 days ago
Who did the voices, especially for Android 18
silentfx - 2 days ago
Goodusername21 - 2 days ago
they really need to continue this :(
Anon - Jojo reference - 2 days ago
Futanari us the best, especially full package ones
Anon - Aoirann - 2 days ago
Well this is awkward.
Anon - Addittothetags - 2 days ago
This is definitely NTR. Add that to the tags please.