Anon - Anon - 7 minutes ago
10/10 Doujin for the salty incel comments alone
Anon - Arbiter - 19 minutes ago
Is that uncircumcised bruh
Anon - Arbiter - 30 minutes ago
Real shit tho, bo2 or mw3?
Anon - Manabanana - 1 hour ago
Tomomi is so fucking adorable, amazing work!
Anon - lol - 1 hour ago
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
I got sent what I think was a sext picture once by mistake. Quality wasn't that great, so I have no idea what the full intent was.
Barbasmas - 2 hours ago
a big hmm. Starts out well but after the two first girls get the D then the two big bois goes for the small girl and thats where it ends for me. I loved the art style and honestly the writing was good but it just got sadistic
Anon - Dr - 3 hours ago
Well that escalated quickly. And got really weird
kippin - 4 hours ago
"I put on my robe and wizard hat."
Anon - name - 4 hours ago
most wholesome fucked up shit ever
Anon - Based Trap - 4 hours ago
Idk, but it would help me get off if I were him
Anon - Based Trap - 4 hours ago
I absolutely love Chinzurena-san's art style. Such nice asses, thighs, and fem-dicks
Anon - Based Trap - 4 hours ago
Wow, never thought I'd have a Manga ending spoiled for me through a Doujin
Darcian - 4 hours ago
Dude's a grower not a shower.
Anon - idgaf - 5 hours ago
pretty sure this just normal harem, not reverse
Anon - Wtfisdickcheese - 5 hours ago
Welp, I’m done here.
DiddyDong477 - 5 hours ago
One of my absolute favourites. The Art is Good The Story is Fair The sex scenes are Great Final Verdict: Doujin is 8/10 I would thoroughly recommend this one to give a read as it’s such a massive turn on. But hey, that’s just my biased opinion.
Anon - pyro, spy, medic, and engineer main - 6 hours ago
i stg there's always a doujin on an anime or manga that i just finished lol
Anon - ymous - 7 hours ago
JonDoe - 7 hours ago
Wow a doujin that actually uses practical orgy advice.
Anon - Anon - 7 hours ago
I wish this cloud was cannon. I was pissed when they didn't pay me, and couldn't believe he took another job. This is better than the original story
katinka13 - 7 hours ago
omg!! finally a mitsugi futa comic has been translated! thank you so much. I hope u translate his other futa comics as well.
camacaze199 - 8 hours ago
What's the difference between a trap and a woman?
Anon - Bryan Masten - 8 hours ago
Impressive! Someone give her a contract!
camacaze199 - 8 hours ago
>But I guess their right. Only a black cock can make a girl make a face like this. That's why. It's cringy as fuck.
MrObvious - 8 hours ago
Meh, call me a killjoy but it's not really my thing tbh. Would rather stick to what I know because that's what I'm used to. Besides, when it comes to regular porn and especially hentai the possibilities are near endless, you'll find your turn on and get some new ones in the process. But that's just me Snooze.
Anon - WARNING - 10 hours ago
iBlackMonster - 10 hours ago
Now hold on a
Anon - Observer - 11 hours ago
No she will not understand 'what you've been through' because it was your incompetence that put you into trouble. That and the fact that you didn't value information coming from your co workers if they are younger than you and because you seems to be unable to remember of a simple instruction. If she is in trouble it's because some old pervert gets to mess with her while he is invisible.
Anon - oof - 11 hours ago
weird ass art fam
Anon - lmao - 11 hours ago
How are they gonna make ponytails kinky??
Anon - Random Black Guy - 11 hours ago
Well sorry to say sweetheart but he don’t love you lol he’s over here fucking another bitch and her mom
Anon - oof - 11 hours ago
Anon - oof - 11 hours ago
adorable wtf
Anon - oof - 11 hours ago
fuck bottom right
Anon - oof - 11 hours ago
aww so lewd and wholesome at the same time
Anon - oof - 11 hours ago
Fucckkk that's a good cum shot
Randybeard - 12 hours ago
"Oh no, you've done and gone put a bun in me oven. Now I'm roit up the duff an' me ol' china will give me a proper bollocking"
Anon - Weeaboi - 12 hours ago
Someone is lying to that succubus.
Randybeard - 12 hours ago
"Oi, give us ya jizz. That's a roit big cock an' no mistake"
iBlackMonster - 12 hours ago
Um, wow, okay, not how I thought this would end.
iBlackMonster - 12 hours ago
Look, I get it. It's a doujin, it doesn't matter, but the fact is there's still a story here to be told and frankly, so far, Anya doesn't even seem like the type to truly be loyal, the rich girl got mad for the ole manger here for being stating a fact and the manager himself is dumb for not engaging his TRUE feelings even if he was telling the truth about it just being a job and them being friends
Anon - Bruh - 12 hours ago
They got us in the first half
Anon - why - 12 hours ago
Wait so they named their two kids after characters from Naruto then?
dirheim - 12 hours ago
Serious, who cares about AdTube? Switch to PornTube, I don’t want those crazy MoneyGrabbers to traffick with my personal info
Anon - Anon - 12 hours ago
So it’s the same stand as star platinum
Anon - Annie Mouse - 13 hours ago
If you want to see more of these two and what lead them to break up, the series is named "So, Do You Wanna Go Out, Or?" There is a oneshot that this is a follow-up to and a currently updating series of the earlier part of the relation done by the same author. While sex does occur on a fairly regular basis, it is not in all chapters.
Keemari - 13 hours ago
God damn this was too funny I couldn't focus on the sexy part. Ha, ha but it did finally give me my thought on the series as I just yell out at the screen so many times. Just fuck already!
Anon - Me - 13 hours ago
Bwahahaha! That was a perfect ending.
Anon - Me - 13 hours ago
Shit, the ton and look of that doujin is actually really, REALLY faithful to the original!
Anon - Emma - 14 hours ago
Anon - Emma - 14 hours ago
O_O The person who drew this has a lot of
CarjackStag - 14 hours ago
Note: contains shemale heroine. I don't believe any of you missed that.
Anon - BBno$ - 15 hours ago
Name seems wrong
Anon - Dr - 15 hours ago
Oh hey Donald Trump is there.
Anon - Tunk - 17 hours ago
This is cannon to me
The Avrage Weeb - 17 hours ago
Hair in the dick?! NOPE
The Avrage Weeb - 17 hours ago
It looks like she has a finger up his ass that's gotta suck with the silk
The Avrage Weeb - 18 hours ago
The Avrage Weeb - 18 hours ago
~I'm stiiiiiillllll in a dreeeaaam! BOY EATER!!!!!!!!!~
The Avrage Weeb - 18 hours ago
~I give my liife, not for honor, but fooor yoooouuuuuuuu~
Anon - red255 - 18 hours ago
George Floyd said the same thing in a similar situation
Anon - The black one - 18 hours ago
Choose your words carefully deku
girlgoat - 19 hours ago
were miserable from start to finish :(
Anon - KidSugoi - 19 hours ago
Fap or no fat, I don’t think anyone can deny this one was a real page turner lol
BlaleszRG - 20 hours ago
10/10 Beat the meat
BlaleszRG - 20 hours ago
Anon - John W. Marks - 21 hours ago
sovilljwm0030@ and I wanted to order from you and I think I was hacked and they sent something that’s called steel is this your product if not I don’t want this I want to order from you
Anon - 69 - 21 hours ago
Oh God, yes
Anon - John W. Marks - 21 hours ago
My email is (sovilljwm0030@
Anon - John W. Marks - 21 hours ago
I tried getting to your site about a month ago and I thought it was your site and I received something called steel is your product because I know there’s a lot hackers out here on the Internet I want your product not the hackers
Anon - Arbiter - 21 hours ago
Anon - Arbiter - 21 hours ago
That’s a fucking case bro, that is literally a fucking case.
Anon - Arbiter - 21 hours ago
13, aha ha. What the fuck.
Tosakuken - 22 hours ago
Seems someone forgot to delete the original source before uploading
Hsara - 22 hours ago
Aaa, that's hot.
Anon - dinplus dumplus - 22 hours ago
Anon - Arbiter - 23 hours ago
broooo wtf
Anon - Arbiter - 23 hours ago
This kid is still possessed wtf
Anon - Arbiter - 23 hours ago
What the shit lmao we need an exorcist.
Aldan - 23 hours ago
He did mention having a brother.
Aldan - 23 hours ago
If memory serves, that’s also the Japanese justice system.
Anon - name - 23 hours ago
wait what
Anon - The black one - 1 day ago
Gooder - 1 day ago
While i appreciate audio doujins, that woman is definitely not hot.
sorahoki - 1 day ago
this is the first time I’ve seen armpit
Anon - Ff - 1 day ago
Anon - Oil - 1 day ago
Ara ara
Anon - Mog Morrison - 1 day ago
This. This right here is perfection. No NTR, no ugly bastard, no rape or mind break, and it's Tifa and Cloud. Plus the art's pretty solid. That's good shit right there.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Now onto the Age of Enlightenment!
Anon - Netorare - 1 day ago
I hate MC like this on harems, but man I do feel bad for my boy
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Then bite. Be the first martyr of change.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Well not exactly like his.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Fucking privileged 1%.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
So men asking women to change anything is bad. But women get to change men all they want. Talk about taking bad boys to the extreme.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Ah yes. Taking advantage of the system.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
So what, you want him to lose the desire to breed?
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
That was in his ass.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Because there's no such thing as female rapists.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
No, buy you can have a piece of his mind instead.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Gingko biloba and cayenne peppers.
Anon - tgfh - 1 day ago
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
His position being that of an innocent man sent to Guantanamo with no due diligence or trial?
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Guilty until proven innocent. Yup, this is a Twitter feminist's dream world for sure.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Fahrenheit 451 were it written today by Anita Sarkeesian.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Gonna need to explain some more, Heinrich Bitchler.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
"You raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly, sir." -Tinny Tim
Anon - TentacleMonster - 1 day ago
And I don't give a shit if you said no
deathguise999 - 1 day ago
That was legit hilarious and accurate to the series
Anon - Johnny - 1 day ago
Not into bestiality. But i like that Ahegao face
Anon - Random dude on the internet - 1 day ago
This is a bruh moment. Im gonna go bleach my eyes
Anon - Rando - 1 day ago
Welcome to the world of the lesser known conservatives whos channels are deleted without anyone ever knowing they existed. PragerU got censored for say "Though shalt not murder" and almost banned even though they didnt break the TOS.
Anon - Random dude on the internet - 1 day ago
Anon - zaawarudo - 1 day ago
bruh its just too funny
Anon - zaawarudo - 1 day ago
bruh its just to funny
Anon - Anon - 1 day ago
I've seen some very badly done coloration of black and white work. As long as your team does it well, that's fine that you're doing this.
Anon - Anon - 1 day ago
"Do not repost or use my artworks" lul
Anon - Kinda a cuck - 1 day ago