Beheaded-king - 27 minutes ago
Damn that's pretty low
Beheaded-king - 30 minutes ago
Hit ya dead in ya funny bone
Beheaded-king - 40 minutes ago
152 she beats the queen in age
Anon - Odd - 2 hours ago
You make me feel like a man, Archie.
Anon - Anti-Naruto - 3 hours ago
Bro, I'm such a huge Mikan fan. The guy who wrote this audio really understood her character, I love it
Anon - Dark - 3 hours ago
Why they always sucking on the it
Anon - Strangerdanger - 3 hours ago
was unexpected.
Anon - Strangerdanger - 3 hours ago
Oh no the feels are coming.
Anon - Travis scott - 3 hours ago
O-motherfucking-k starting off strong
Anon - Plaguelord - 3 hours ago
Being involved with a yandere girl is too much of dicey situation to me. Don't get me wrong, I would appreciate the level of affection and love of a yandere, but the dark and violent side would be too much to deal with. I'm not really fond of being disemboweled, beheaded, repeatedly stabbed and so on just because of a possible misunderstanding.
Anon - bootyontopnocap - 3 hours ago
ight broskeedoodle
Anon - R - 3 hours ago
Duh fuck is this plot twist
Anon - Plaguelord - 4 hours ago
Foot worship involving things such as sucking toes, licking feet and/or kissing feet is rather gross and does nothing for me. However, a girl giving a decent foot-job and/or toe-job is pretty hot. Bonus points if she is wearing stockings or other foot covering made from a soft fabric such as silk or satin.
Oscypek - 4 hours ago
now he has some real siblings but what a weird environment for those children
Oscypek - 4 hours ago
What a happy family
Anon - Bob - 5 hours ago
How does his dick smell even though he just washed himself? Her sense of smell must be like a dog's
Anon - a - 5 hours ago
then weaponize her sex tapes
Anon - Mom's Spaghetti - 5 hours ago
Always has been
Anon - Mom's Spaghetti - 5 hours ago
Illuminitu confirmed
Anon - Mom's Spaghetti - 6 hours ago
My waifu's coming to life -FF
Anon - Mom's Spaghetti - 6 hours ago
Bruh you tripped him. Not even an apology?
Anon - niggas - 7 hours ago
This is probably one of the most gayest shit I have ever seen in my entire life bro
Anon - crazy - 7 hours ago
What a cuck
Munchydragon - 7 hours ago
okay this is starting to get a little dark
MrObvious - 7 hours ago
I'll admit I'd pop one off getting a foot-job from say SF's Cammy but it'll just be that, afterwards I'd spend that rest of our fun time rubbing my face into her tight bum and eating her tighter snatch out through her iconic leotard. Feet as a whole aren't my thing, I'd stick to what I know.
Anon - Jhon wick - 7 hours ago
This is fucked up
Anon - . - 7 hours ago
Liu_Lesmana - 7 hours ago
where is the fkn download button !?!?
Anon - Nani - 8 hours ago
She got no ass. But it looks thick from behind. What type of fuckery is this
Anon - A Love That Shouldn't Exist - 8 hours ago
Seriously a piece of garbage that the author created.
Nozarashi221 - 8 hours ago
the one doujin with a happy ending
kingDIC - 9 hours ago
that look's actually pretty dangerous
Anon - Strangerdanger - 9 hours ago
Anon - Strangerdanger - 9 hours ago
"This is where the fun begins"
Anon - gasg - 10 hours ago
What's with all the idiots judging each other in the comments whilst being here. It's just some yaoi, with the same plot as like 98% of the rest, stop being a bunch of babies and cowards and get a grip and stop sucking societies dick.
Anon - Hades - 10 hours ago
The cat
Anon - =D - 10 hours ago
Wow that's sweet =D
Anon - hmm - 10 hours ago
This is hot as fuck
Anon - =( - 10 hours ago
Ah what a dick head.
Mathiason - 10 hours ago
Good in a positive relationship, although hopefully the kick will encourage him to be more considerate of her feelings rather than selfishly indulging himself. Although should've had a stable of cow women to provide milk for village instead of one. Even dairy cows need more than one just for a gallon of milk much less several gallons.
Mathiason - 10 hours ago
Good story, although the guy should've considered her feelings a lot more rather than give flimsy excuses for indulging his lust when had a serious job to do. Hopefully having his rib cage broken will encourage him to be more considerate rather than selfish. Good she still wants to be with him rather than traumatized. Although would need more than 1 cow woman to supply a village's worth of milk.
Anon - Some boy - 10 hours ago
He looks completly dead inside
Anon - better writer, that can't draw. - 11 hours ago
A better plotline woulda been if they were teasing her with promotion to rank A1, and lied that amai mask agreed.
Anon - I turned skyrim into darksouls - 11 hours ago
Oh man this looks like rape you should have made it wholesome
Dreammur - 11 hours ago
DBextreme - 11 hours ago
Bruh, "Care to have a taste of this mommy?" Hoooot
Anon - squid urine senpai - 12 hours ago
hey what the fuck
Mathiason - 12 hours ago
The graphics were good and the characters had personality. Agree like alt version of Deviant Dungeon. Granted was nice seeing MC get better of the women after they shamed him in public but the abuse and objectifying, along with getting them to enjoy it, went too far. A harem was good, but acting high and mighty just because of his (buffed) cock with no other skills, not so much. MC 1TrickPony.
Anon - Roswaal - 12 hours ago
Anon - NotGonnaLie - 13 hours ago
Returner6th - 14 hours ago
And world peace was achieved.
Returner6th - 14 hours ago
He is right about becoming an idiot at least.
Returner6th - 14 hours ago
This is literally why democracy doesn't work.
Ace12 - 14 hours ago
So she wants to be a mom to 3? How cute.
Anon - Dunderpussy - 15 hours ago
Did she really just JoJo is ass
Anon - words on a screen - 16 hours ago
was it the sinister eyes that gave it away?
Anon - 300 - 17 hours ago
Anon - Anon 34 - 17 hours ago
Naw I get it. I personally don't judge people for being into fetishes like bestiality or scat, because while I'm not into it, no one is getting hurt- since it's all drawings. However, add your voice to a project is a deeper layer of involvement. If I can choose what porn to masturbate to, she can choose what porn to voice.
Anon - Anan - 18 hours ago
@quall I think it's a pussy print
LinkOfKalos - 18 hours ago
Is that red stain blood?
Anon - Anon Mike - 18 hours ago
The title should have been called Summer Leftover. Damn, this shit was a heart stopper
Anon - Nice, - 18 hours ago
Anon - Anom - 18 hours ago
They literally re used the page and added exfra bits lol
Reemer72 - 20 hours ago
Beheaded-king - 20 hours ago
Congrats m8 you built your first haram
Anon - a - 20 hours ago
Reemer72 - 20 hours ago
Is he really arguing this
Anon - First - 20 hours ago
sexyscarlett - 21 hours ago
ffd sd s
Anon - Lolcats - 21 hours ago
Pooters knock off lol
MrObvious - 22 hours ago
This is just great. Getting it on with her I'd erupt many times too, she looks ravishing in that bikini! Haze strikes gold yet again, Fubuki FTW!
Viral ishtar - 22 hours ago
Viral ishtar - 22 hours ago
Damn her eyes are beautiful
Anon - boi - 22 hours ago
I was not expecting that
BruhSoundeffect - 1 day ago
Anon - Bob - 1 day ago
That's sound logic coach
Anon - !? - 1 day ago
Anon - Bum - 1 day ago
So it Was a dream all along
Anon - MILF Lover - 1 day ago
Umm, does this actually count as NTR since the husband is not only aware but encouraging her to cheat cause he’s got a fetish for it?
Anon - Cagra - 1 day ago
This is some of that good shit No weird fucked up shit, this is wholesome at compared to other shit on here
Anon - Milf pimp - 1 day ago
Called her pussy soggy
Anon - Milf pimp - 1 day ago
That baby gonna grow up to be a nice proper hoe
BunnyBow - 1 day ago
I love this story
Anon - Milf pimp - 1 day ago
Y is she blonde
lawrencemccloud - 1 day ago
This is really really really good
AnimePimpster - 1 day ago
This doesn't feel like NTR seeing as she was just going along with her husbands fetish and she still loves him. There was no malice too since the guy was just having fun. Usually just skimming through an NTR leaves my stomach in knots, but I read this and had a good nut. What do you guys think?
Anon - Jared - 1 day ago
Ah welp if I knew that he was in middle school I would have stayed away the fbi is in my house now
Anon - Straight white guy - 1 day ago
No god plz no that was just in ur ass
Anon - Straight white guy - 1 day ago
I like that he has to clarify that he isn’t gay but traps arent gay so it’s pointless
Anon - Thomas - 1 day ago
Loved it!
Anon - CuntDemolisher - 1 day ago
I love this title
Anon - KKona - 1 day ago
Anon - Teo - 1 day ago
Disappointef she doesn’t have an accent
Anon - Snorlax - 1 day ago
Squidward eating krabby pattys lookin-ass
VeryObservant - 1 day ago
I enjoy the big lips, as long as they don't go too far with it. It's more interesting than a single line defining the mouth.
Anon - Black sheep - 1 day ago
*ultra instinct plays*
Anon - ymous - 1 day ago
Anon - ymous - 1 day ago
but HOW did she teach you
Anon - ymous - 1 day ago
Anon - Damn them - 1 day ago
It was good while it lasted, now here comes winter.
Smawg - 1 day ago
5 fingers and no thumb in the first panel: I cannot unsee
Anon - Anon - 1 day ago
All he wanted to do was go to cram school. :|
Anon - Mom's Spaghetti - 1 day ago
When a degenerate in a doujin has a concerned face, you know you're in some deep shit. Bruh.
Anon - Mom's Spaghetti - 1 day ago
Fukin POGers Bruh. You better lose yourself. In mom's spaghetti.
Anon - Mom - 1 day ago
The soul's escaping, through this hole that is gaping
MrObvious - 1 day ago
An adorably nerdy shut in who draws hentai and is unkempt? Fuck yes, I'd take her up in a heartbeat! Love her bust and gray hair too, it would work since I'm a shut in too, sure I'm no artist but still. Let's see some more of these OCs if possible Kinky, Obvious out.