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About Us
  • Originally founded in 2006 by Raikoh as, we were part of the Hentai-Key network until we went independent as in 2009. We then launched in 2012 as our own dedicated hentai video-site. We later rebranded and updated the site to in 2016 for our 10 year anniversary.
  • is the most influential hentai-resource in the English-speaking western world. We’ve translated over 2,500 hentai manga, doujins, and CGsets into English, making us the longest running, most productive hentai translation group in history. Our works can be found in literally every corner of the internet. Our network of web-severs tirelessly pumps terabytes of hentai to 100,000+ passionate users every day. The ever-growing body of works you see collected on this site is a compendium of the most beautiful hand-drawn pornographic art Japan has produced over the decades of honing this art-form. We humbly thank all our fans and subscribers that made this possible.


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  • Click on the "History" tab on the top-right hand corner of the page to see a list of all the galleries you’ve viewed in the past 60 days. When reading long galleries you can add a bookmark on a page to pickup where you left off by pressing the bookmark-button above the page you're currently viewing. In your history page, that gallery will be marked as 'bookmarked', and you'll be able to see which page you left a bookmark on so you can pickup right where you left off.
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Translation Request Leaderboard
  • Premium members can request new hentai manga, doujins, and CGsets be added to our translation leaderboard for our team of hentai translation-experts to tackle. Premium members get 10 upvotes per month, and can spend them voting-up any item on the leaderboard they like. The higher an item is on the leaderboard, the more likely we are to translate it; but no promises! If we do translate and release it later, you’ll get credited on the gallery page for being one of the bold members to request it.

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  • The ability to request galleries to be translated, and vote on our translation-request leaderboard
  • Plus it’ll help you build some seriously positive karma by supporting some great people doing some amazing work!
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Fan-made adult comics, usually parodying other series, but sometimes featuring original characters and storylines. They are usually released at conventions in Japan like Comiket.

Commercially-produced and published adult comics. They are first published in monthly Hentai-Magazines in Japan, with each artist contributing one chapter per month to produce a magazine several hundred pages long. Later, each artist’s collected works are compiled into a tankoubon format and published separately as a stand-alone Hentai-Manga.

Computer-Game Sets, they are full-color images usually ripped from Hentai-Games published in Japan.


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Because they are produced in Japan, and Japanese law requires that depictions of genitalia be censored. The censor-bars were added by the original authors at the time of publication.

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