An Interview with Witchking00: Lewd Adventures with Sexy Waifus
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Kasaix: Greetings, people of Doujins! I’m sitting here with Witchking00, a big name in the hentai scene with 6.3k fans on Hentai Foundry alone. His work combines a mix of comedy, action, and in general some lewd fun that most anyone can enjoy.

Thanks for hanging out, Witchking. How's it going?

Witchking00: Thanks to you! is a pleasure to be here today ^^ I am fine thanks!

Kasaix: That's great! So tell us about yourself. How did you get started in art? Do you have a professional education, or did you sketch your way to where you are today?

Witchking00: Well to talk about when I started in art I guess we have to take a DeLorean and go back to my childhood... When I was a kid i spend hours and hours watching my favorite series in TV like TMNT, Dragon Ball, Spider-Man, etc... and I always wanted to draw my favourite characters... so when some other kids were out playing football in the park, i preferred to stay at home and drawing. That was my art education... the practice since I was a child. Also I tried once to go to an art school but after some months there I figured out that I prefer learn by myself... So practicing all my live and trying to copying some of my favourite artists take me where I am right now.

Kasaix: It's awe-inspiring to see someone take a childhood hobby into the real world as they grow up. You should be proud of that.

I'd like to discuss your inspiration. I sat in on a Picarto stream some time ago, and you mentioned one of your inspirations is the mangaka Isutoshi, creator of the 'Slut Girl' series.

Witchking00: Yeah I love that comic, course he mixed very well two things... HUMOR and HENTAI. And that is something that I haven't seen too much. Also his style to draw poses, body, scenes, etc.. I love it. I got inspirations too from other artists like for example HIROYUKI UTATANE (SEXBOMBS and SERAPHIC FEATHER)... thanks to him I learn to draw girls bodies. Then MASAMI OBARI teach me how to do explosive sexy women in ANGEL BLADE series... Satoshi Urushihara for how he color his artworks. etc

So all is a mix up of artists that I like.

Kasaix: Nice, a great list of awesome artists. I especially love Satoshi Urushihara and his book 'Ragnarock City'. He put real thought into a living world.

What image or series do you consider best represents who you are as an artist? A picture or comic you could show someone to give them an idea of who you are.

Witchking00: From my art?

Kasaix: Yeah. What do you consider your best work?










Witchking00: For me the best work will be always my comics SUCCUBOOBS X COLORS. There i do what I like to do not based on what people want me to do or like to see from my work. All the characters are jus Original Characters like Alira Darkboob, Lady Milflord, Jewel Shiningclit, etc... Where I can mix humor, sex scenes, action, and all the things I like to draw

also. There are three comics more one I do based on Samus Aran and two of Princess Peach based on what happen while P.Peach is waiting in bowser castle to be rescued by Mario.




















Kasaix: Those names are just incredible, and definitely highlight the mix of humor and sexy action. You let loose and did what you wanted, and that' itself is pretty cool. Could you tell us a bit about SUCCUBOOBS X COLORS? The plot, characters and the like?

Witchking00: Sure! The comic turn around two group of girls... the good ones called COLORS that are three sexy girls who come from PLANET COLOR to the earth looking for their goddess who is hiding in differents pieces here in earth... They are called Violet, Pink and White ... And in the other side we have the team SUCCUBOOBS who play the role of the villains of the story. With Alira Darkboob, a succubus who is selfish, childish and kind of bossy, selfish, mean, etc, her mom and queen of the Underworld LADY MILFLORD, and her minions the blue demon Jewel Shininglict and one more succubus called Evelyn. The paths of the two teams will cross the day when the colors are looking  for one part of their goddess that hides inside of one of the Alira's victims... so this will be the beginning of their conflict. Looks messy and silly but I think the main in this stories are the situations and the relation between them ^^ The comic still is in an early state... but I am planning to keep working on it is like a mush up of topics from series, animes and fantasy played in a funny and pornographic way.


Kasaix: It sounds awesome. I wish you good luck on it, I hope it turns out great.

What's your favorite theme to work on? I've seen some sexy contest between various characters like Samus and that girl from Boderlands, and a couple of comics where girls turned into succubi.

Witchking00: Yeah I have been touching a lot of themes every time to no get stucked just in one. I like to play with characters that I love and sometimes even mix them up in a comic or silly story. But of course if I have to choose one thing is design characters... I love design characters and use them in comics... maybe that is what I my favourite part of the job.. I dunno if with that I answer correctly the question hehe.

Kasaix: That's interesting, you don't stick to one theme. It's always nice to have a good mix of things in your work.

Who is your favorite girl to draw? If you’re like me and can’t choose just one, you can name a top five of waifus.


Witchking00: hummm a favourite one... that's hard to choose yes... I can say I have a list of waifus as you said that can be my top girls who I never will get tired to draw them: Chun Li, 2B, Samus Aran, Princess Peach, Elizabeth Comstock, April O'Neil classic, Bulma, A-18, Blaze (streets of rage), etc.














Kasaix: Ah, fine waifus. I love your take on Samus Aran, sexy badass girls are a particular weakness of mine.

You mentioned that SUCCUBOOBS X COLORS is a close project of yours. Is that a dream project that you feel you must absolutely work on, or do you have another project in mind?

Witchking00: SUCCUBOOBS X COLORS is one of the projects i have in mind to keep working as a comic... but my biggest dream is to do am erogame one day. I have some artworks and some ideas that I had been collecting when I had a free time to spare thinking on it... But still is too early for that ^^ I have contact a guy who can help me with that and I hope can go on with that soon... but will take time ^^









Kasaix: That sounds amazing. A Witchking00 eroge would be awesome to play. I sincerely hope you can get that up and running.

Let’s wrap this up, shall we? Do you have any parting words for your fans?

Witchking00: FIrst of all Thanks them for all the support I have been getting from them during this years, for following me, like my work, for be patient with their commissions, etc. And say sorry to those who like my art but don’t like to see futanari girls in my comics... sometimes I cannot make all of them happy ^^ Just kidding.

Kasaix: It's genuinely impossible to make everyone happy. It can't be done. You find a good balance to your work in trying to tick all the fetish boxes, and I'm certain the fans appreciate it.


Another huge thanks to Witchking00 for hanging out and answering some questions. If you’d like to follow his work, his websites are listed below.




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