Top 5 Persona 4 Doujins
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 2 comments


I’ve already did a top 5 for Persona 5, so I might as well do one of Persona 4 and then I’ll get to Persona 3, completing the holy trinity. So I hope you’re ready to, Reach Out For Tissues, cause it’s Persona Time!


"Maybe I'll check this one seems BEARY interesting..."

Chie is always hungry for some meat and Yu (Yes You!) is happy to provide. Wataru is always doing Naruto doujins so it was a breath of fresh air when I saw that he did a Persona 4 parody. The idea that a girl would be hungry for your dick is really exciting for me. But Chie just couldn’t keep her voice down after some amazing pounding and Nanako could hear it all. Sorry Nanako, don’t worry, you’re next...I’re...please don’t arrest me :(

Yukiko has accepted her shadow in a different way from the game. She has fully embraced her slutty side and is now a full on nympho who enjoys herself a real good gangbang. I didn’t think I’ll enjoy this as much as I did since I’m not the biggest fan of Yukiko (in all honesty, she’s the weakest waifu out of the main Persona 4 girls.) And I’m also not a big fan of gangbangs, but I surprisingly enjoyed this one a fair bit. Maybe it’s Yukiko’s reserved and proper attitude turning full slut that got me. You also get a quick Chie scene at the end but it was to short for me to even care.

And here comes another Yukiko doujin, that I surprisingly enjoyed. I’m not sure if every doujin artist that does a doujin on Yukiko just copy one another or if Yukiko is so basic that there’s only one scenario people can think about writing for her. So I’ll talk about it quick. Good. Better then my number 4. Yukiko get gang banged. Don’t like it at first but starts to enjoy it. I like that shit!

Oh boy, here comes that good ol’ blackmail that I always love seeing. Rise is an Idol and if you know anything about Japanese culture (which you should if you’re a true otaku) Idol’s aren’t allowed to date. So when a fat old man got a picture of her kissing up on Yu, it became the perfect tool for blackmail. Now the art for this one is on the amateurs side, like super amateurs, but the story is so my style that it makes up for it. Also adding a lot of Rise dialogue into the mix won it points with me also. I would have put this as number one but at the end they lied about this to be continued. It’s been years and I still don’t see a continuation!

Man I love seeing every social link (well almost every social link, they skip out on best girl Ayana). I feel like the nurse scene was my favorite out of the bunch. Reading this makes we want to go back a read his Persona 5 one. My only complaint about this was that Teddie didn’t get an actual scene, only a joke one. I was BEARY disappointed! What are you doing Utamaro, that was prime trap scene opportunity you idiot!

"Man...maybe I got too BEARY excited...Thanks!"

What's your favorite Persona 4 doujins? Do you want more teddie trap doujins? Can you come up with better bear puns than me? Tell us in the comments below.