Waifu Wars: Persona 5
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And here I am again with something new for you guys. We all have waifus that we love and care about, but our friends also have waifus that they love and care about as well. We all have our own different tastes and that’s understandable, but when your friend has a shitty opinion about something, you sometimes have to call them out on their bullshit. So today, in celebration of the Persona 5 anime I’m going to have a little fun debate with my friend, Imaginary, (I promise he’s real, he’s the one that picked out that name not me) on whose waifu is better and why in Persona 5. Let’s be honest, Persona 5 is one of the best places to start this series since it has such an array of best girls. But only one best girl can win here. So everyone grab your waifu and prepare to throw down, cause it’s WAIFU WARS!!!




Sadayo Kawakami

Makoto Niijima


Why Kammkawi is Waifu

Kinky: So it should be obvious to everyone who played the game that Kawakami is the best choice when it comes to waifus. It should be no contest, she has everything a guy would want in a woman. First, I’m already kinda into older chicks (and who isn’t) so that’s already a huge turn on. And she’s also your teacher, which is already so hot and taboo. She’s a girl who knows how to clean, and in a maid outfit no less. All of this while having a sassy attitude and sweet side to her at the same time. So let me get the checklist out for you. She’s hot, check. She’s your teacher, check. She’s older than you, check. She wears a maid outfit, check. She knows how to clean, check. She knows how to wash clothes, check. She knows how to cook, check. She can be sassy but also cute, check. If that isn’t the perfect waifu, I don’t know what is. Oh and did I forget to add that she has the best confidant in the game? Which is giving you lovely back massages after a dungeon, so you can do more activities that day. Dare I say more?

A maid built to last.


Why Kamakawi isn't Waifu

Imaginary: Let’s do some math here. If you side with Kawakami, you’re already cucking yourself in multiple ways. First, even when she isn’t working two jobs, teaching takes a lot of work out of someone. It’s one of the most time consuming jobs for prep work, and how often is she gonna be free to spend time with you and your dick? Bills gotta get paid my boy. Second, let’s be honest. Kawakami isn’t the most courageous person. How long exactly did she spend sending payments  to people in a situation where it clearly wasn’t her fault because she couldn’t stand up for herself? Yeah yeah “she felt guilty”, but someone in a teaching position should know when it’s their fault and when they’re being manipulated. Meanwhile Queen (named appropriately by the game) is going off risking her life to protect the students of Shujin Academy from gang activity. When the chips are down, you know which waifu you can count on to step up. Lastly, it’s just facts that Makoto is younger, cuter, and sexier in tight outfits. Yeah Kawakami is older, but just like her one-trick maid personality, that’ll get tiresome eventually and lose its “new experience” factor. Makoto’s loyalty, courage, and curiosity about the world are instead gonna stay and keep things interesting over a lifetime.



                                            You wanna settle for this now?                                                   When you can get to this  at Kawakami's age?


Why Makoto is Waifu

Imaginary: Listen, I don’t want to make it sound like Kamakawi isn’t a decent choice. MILFS are fine as fuck. I want one, your friend wants one, your dad might technically have one, but there’s so much more to life than an older girl. There’s Makoto Niijima. You’re talking a soft and sweet side? My dudes have you seen her in-dungeon outfit? When she gets feisty enough she could kick my ass any day of the week, while taking time on Friday night to be a loving waifu and help me study. She can help me figure out my latest calculus assignment, and I can teach her about being a little less sheltered. I bet they’re so many things that she’s curious about.

Queen in the streets, Princess in the sheets.

Why Makoto isn't Waifu

Kinky: Hold on! Did you say Makoto will help you study? Bitch, my waifu’s a teacher. She’s the definition of helping you study. And I don’t want a woman who’s going to beat my ass. That’s called abuse my friend, which is a very serious problem. Makoto might be curious but she knows nothing about sex, and you’re a virgin (facts) so you don’t know nothing either. Kamakawi with her experience can teach me a thing or two about sex. And let’s be honest, Makoto is just a budget Sae in the long run. Any man right in the head would choose Sae over Makoto. The only reason people even like Makoto is because that’s the only way they can get closer to her sister. Also, Makoto is so basic.


You have to seddle for less, when you can't have the best.

Who do you think won the debate? Who do you like better? Who's your waifu in Persona 5? Is both our waifu trash? Tell us in the comments below. If you want to read my dumb ramblings and check out my art follow my twitter @ImJustThatKinky