8 Girls Proving Flat is Justice
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 5 comments

We fine people of Doujins, users and staff alike, may differ on our opinions as to which is better: plot or justice, though we are all of us united in our belief that boobs are awesome. Some may prefer thighs or ass, boobs are still awesome. So to honor the cute girls with small boobs, here are some of the great doujins where the best girls have small chests.

If we missed some of your favorites, or you have a bone to pick with bust sizes, let us know in the comments below.

1. MEL MEL by Kasumoto Touka 

 This is an Eromanga Sensei doujin.

 Elf and Izumi wear cute swimsuits in front of Masamune, and he reacts as one would in the face of such cute girls.

2. If You Were Just Honest With Yourself by Momonosuke

A tomboy girl asks for friend for some help. After a comment is made about tanlines, she tries to show off her untanned skin, and flashes him without meaning to. Things go exactly as one would expect, and it's a good thing.

3. Relativity by Tsuruta Bungaku ★

 During a girls' field trip, two friends stay behind because one is sick. While tending to the sick girl, both girls begin to develop more than friendly feelings.

4. ED x WIN 5 by HEIZO

 This is a Full Metal Alchemist doujin.

Alphonse and Mei visit Ed and Winry after a while away and act lovey dovey the entire time, especially at night.

5. Aoi-san Bang out!! by Norinko ★

A kinky girl likes to have sex so she can record the sounds that are made. 

6. One Piece Envy by MARUTA

A guy a girl meet up and connect due to their inability to attend a summer festival.

7. ◯ Should Take Good Care of ×, Right? by Hisakawa Tinn ★

 A guy and girl have their first time together and enjoy the moment.

8. ONE-HURRICANE 4 by Kiyosumi Hurricane

This is a One Punch Man doujin.

The two psychic sisters make their move on Saitama.