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A Review of Dr. Yuuko's Sex Practice
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

Nutaku asked us to take a look at this game, and here's our opinion.

We’re back, again. I’ll be honest, I don’t have very high hopes going into this one. It seems very similar to the last game I played, yet without as much voice acting. And considering I’m having to write these reviews around the same time due to scheduling, that difference might just feel amplified. But hey, I’m no stranger to being wrong so fuck it let’s get started.

Dr. Yuuko’s Sex Practice was published by Nutaku Publishing and developed by Eat My Popsicle Studios. The game was added to the Nutaku store on December 11, 2018 and is a 60MB download. It should run on any device that can turn on and can be picked up for a mere $4.99.


The art is a nice blend of anime and western art. The boobs are ridiculously proportioned in case you couldn’t tell, so you big boob fans out there should be pretty happy with it. The backgrounds are definitely detailed enough to give the environments a sense of fulfillment. I really don’t have much to say here, the art serves it purpose. Musically, the tracks are about the same as well in that they’re a nice addition but nothing to listen to on their own. The only discrepancy of note would be the choice of track for a sex scene I unlocked… I mean, right when we’re about to start fucking, this upbeat hypebeast song starts playing. I won’t lie, the shit was pretty tight, however I’m trying to get hot and bothered, not hot and ready to start lifting. It was such a mismatch that I went back several times to see if it glitched out or if that was really the song picked for this scene.

Ah yes I'm quite familiar. 


This is a short sex game about fucking a doctor, they know what you’re here for. The plot consists of you working toward helping Dr. Yuuko with her medical experiments in order to advance the science of sexual operations. People are having dicks removed, dicks added, asses added to… boobs? You think it, Dr. Yuuko’s probably done it. It’s about as straightforward as you can get and there’s something to be said for that when a game is this size. There’s certainly not much point attempting to foreshadow any twists or pound you with dialogue. The developers know this and the result is you can get to the good parts in minutes.

Deductive ability at its finest.

The Sex

Speaking of the good parts, here we are. Good may be an overstatement though depending on your preferences. You see, I was right about the voice acting. It’s not really voice acting, more like partial voice acting. You get a few “ooohs” and “mmphs!” but in no way are the full lines or scenes voice acted. They’re pretty up front about this though so it’s not a real disappointment. The writing itself in the scenes are alright. The characters are different from each other. Unfortunately, they’re nothing special in the bedroom. They’re basically personality types that you’ve seen before elsewhere, but again what do you expect? The sex scenes last for an acceptable amount of time and can be reached quickly. Additionally, there’s a heavy amount of descriptions mixed in. The rest is average.

Damn, that's a transparent shirt for the workplace.

TL;DR Dr. Yuuko’s sex practice is an average game. It’s cheap, gets you scenes fast, and that’s what it was intended to be. Can’t really hate it, can’t really love it 3/5... but dangerously close to a 2/5

If you LOVE doctor girls or enjoy descriptions, I’d say you might want to give it a look. Otherwise let the medical professionals handle this one and wait for something more appealing to your tastes.

Have a game on Nutaku you want reviewed? Have you ever had a sexual operation? Tell me in the comments below!