Are You Excited for Cloud’s Cross-Dressing Scene in the Remake?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago • 30 comments

This better become a thing. I already know that Aerith and Tifa’s are going to get one hell of a work out once Final Fantasy VII Remake drops and people get their hands on the models. You might even get to see Barret since you need a strong black man to punish those wet, white pussies. But please, for the love of god NSFW SFM creators. Don’t leave my boy Cloud out when his crossdressing model comes out.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the crossdressing outfit receives the same amount of love as Link’s gerudo outfit. Now that we’re actually going to have a good 3D model, instead of the blocky mess we had in the original. I better see some good 3D porn, no excuses. I'm sure they’ll be a good amount of fan art for the outfit, but I’m looking for that good 3D porn of it. Studio FOW is to busy with Subverse, so I’m not sure if they’d have time to work on that. But any other great NSFW SFM creators like LordAardvark, Redmoa, or DFACompany, you need to get on that!

Shad already got your boi covered!

Would you like to see NSFW SFM of Cloud crossdressing outfit? Do you think Cloud crossdressing model will be used in porn? Who would you want to see lewd the most, Tifa, Aerith, or Cloud? Tell us in the comments below.