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Hinemosu Notari Will Make You Fall for Her Traps
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 years ago • 12 comments

Before we start the article, let me that you back to my past. My love for traps could be traced back to when I was just a young, naive boy, who happened to stumble upon a doujin called “Cum in My Mouth” (I’d prefer it if you don’t). It’s about a group of three friends conversing amongst themselves about how many times they usually jerk off. (As us boy’s do! I jerk it like 2 a day...but it’s for my job!) Long story short, one of the friends, the cute emo-haired one, jerks it while wearing women’s lingerie. He confesses to one of his friends about his weird fetish and begins to give him a whole doujin’s worth of blowjob only action. Hinemosu Notari triggered something in me that day. My love for blowjobs and my love for TRAPS!


Hinemosu Notari is the sole member of the doujin circle Hinemosuan. Well, it actually may be rude to refer the her as Hinemosu Notari, since as of November 27, 2017 she has changed her pen name to Sunaku Hineno due to various circumstances. But I’ll still use Hinemosu since the works we are talking about today are authored under that pen name. And yes, the person behind these trap doujins is female. Which makes reading them less gay...right?

Hinemosu focuses mainly on traps and futanari themed stories. Usually being that of original stories but sometimes playing around with Touhou, Dragon Quest, and Kantai Collection (Like every other doujin artist). Her art style has a very soft and light feel to it. No one looks overly mature or old because the characters are drawn with thin bodies and square-shaped heads. But, with her more gentle and cutesy art style, it makes it all the more easier to mistake her boys for girls.

Don’t let that sexy ass fool you. I bet there’s a dick underneath all that ass.


Now it’s time for you to fall into my trap, and read the three recommended doujins I have for you that will absolutely turn you not gay:

 We have a story about a boy who has recently became a prostitute for a trap-like brothel. Being new to the whole doing gay shit thing, he bit a customer’s dick while trying to give a blowjob and pretty much just fucked up all around. This fuck-up earns him a bitch slap right across the cheeks (sadly not the ass cheeks) and his cute senpai (who is also a trap, don’t let the word “cute” confuse you. Remember what article you’re reading.) goes in to defuse the situation. After the defusing, the senpai teaches the newbie some sexual techniques, man to man or trap to trap.

There has always be a long ongoing debate on whether or not Poison (from Final Fight or Street Fighter series) has a dick or not. But doujins got a boy fucked up! After reading many Poison-based doujins, Poison wouldn’t be Poison without her long, juicy, meaty snake swinging between her legs...sorry, I got a little gay there. But, with this being one of the best Poison based doujins out there, in my opinion, it’s worth a read.  

The trap gods have blessed us with a tankoubon with non-stop boy pussi action. This tankoubon also contains one of my favorite trap doujins that I mentioned earlier, “Cum in My Mouth” (but seriously don’t) and many other great ones. These stories pretty much revolve around two different trap boys, but both focus on the theme of feminization and them slowly succumbing to the trap gang lifestyle. For any trap fan who needs a good hefty load of trap material, this is the one to read.

Do you like traps? Did I turn you gay? Were you always gay O.O? Tell my gay ass about it in the comments below! ;3