Japanese Fans Unhappy with Aeris' New Look
By Kasaix • 4 months ago • 20 comments

For people appropriately worrying about how Tifa is going to look in the highly-anticipated FF 7 Remake, which isn't likely coming before March 2020, Aeris fans in Japan aren't happy with her appearance, kind of like how people feel about the new Sonic design. After the "State of Play" happened, Aeris was trending higher than FF7R on Japanese Twitter as you can see below: 

So what's the deal? Complaints ranged from likening Aeris’s new look to that of a person who had plastic surgery done on their nose to her face being rather long. Others just chalked it up to her hairstyle. Regardless, attempts are being made to 'fix' her design, again kind of like the new Sonic design. You can see that below: 

Many of the complaints are found in an Esuteru article HERE. Whether or not there is any merit to their complaints, it's unlikely SE will follow the Sonic dev team and make any changes to Aeris' design. But should they? Discuss in the comments below.