Kentucky Fried Echhi: Colonel Sanders Gets Lewded
By Yung Namahage • 5 months ago • 3 comments

It seems that KFC's current marketing strategy using their founder, Colonel Harlan David Sanders, is to portray him in as many ways as possible in order to create some sort of ubiquitious, familiar presence. It doesn't matter if he's a womana DJ or RoboCop, as soon as you see those familiar traits you'll probably think of chicken, specifically the Kentucky Fried kind.

The latest iteration of the Colonel, who died in 1980, is that of a "social media influencer", a completely computer generated yet handsome young man bearing the signature bolo tie, glasses and white beard combo assosciated with the brand that's meant to poke fun at real "influencer" types and draw in a presumably straight, female crowd. It seems the latter worked a bit too well.

Naturally, the internet was entranced by the new CG "daddy" Colonel. You can probably guess where the story goes from here:


R34 of the Colonel isn't new, but KFC have unwittedly caused a resurgence in it with their new advertising campaign. In a way, it resembles the "Arby's Waifu" from a few weeks ago but with an aura of the uncanny valley around it. It's been proven that sex does sell but when people look at images like this I can't imagine they'd get hungry for chicken.

What do you think about KFC's new image for the Colonel? Do you think mascots getting lewded is good for publicity? Drop what you think in the comments.