Will Vic Win His Court Case?
By ImJustThatKinky • 4 months ago • 30 comments

The Vic Mignogna Sexual Assault Arc is reaching its end, while more information are coming out and more truths being revealed. This has been a long journey and depending on the court's out come, this journey may still be going on for another season. But with more information coming out about the Monica jelly bean situation, the removal of Vic’s name on Funimation shows, and the lawsuit papers, it seems like an easy win for Vic, but anything can still happen.

Don’t worry, I’ll just use my stand Heaven’s Door to make sure I win the case

If I had to point out one thing that makes it seem like Vic has this in the bag, it’d be one tweet that I saw from Monica’s fiance, Ron Toye. He has tweeted about how “over 100 accounts” of “assault” Vic has committed and that “100+ ladies” had came forward or was coming forward. I tried to look back and find those tweets, but it seems as if he had deleted most of his tweets retaining to Vic, which I’m not sure how legal that is. But Vic’s lawyer, Ty Beard, seem to have screenshotted all of Ron’s tweets. I feel like finding 100 people that he alleged came forward is going to be close to an impossible goal. And with Monica and Ron wanting to keep everything that comes out in court behind close doors after they were boasting about how they wanted everything to be revealed in court, it's starting to look like they have no truth behind their claims.

Here’s your proof! It’s a picture of a character Vic voice harassing a girl. This must mean he also sexually assaults women

I’m still wondering if everything comes out that Vic is innocent, will Rooster Teeth or Funimation hire him back, or if he’d even want to come back. Bungou Stray Dog Season 3 has started airing and Vic Mignogna voice Ranpo, so it’ll be interesting to see if he gets a voice change for season 3.

Do you think Vic will win this case? Is Ron Toye stupid? Do you think VIc would go back to Rooster Teeth or Funimation if he could? Tell us in the comments below.