Audio Doujins: Dark Soul isn’t Just Hard, It Makes You Hard
By ImJustThatKinky • 4 months ago • 6 comments

Everyone play’s Dark Souls for it’s addictive learning curve and it’s hard ass difficulty. That’s what you kind of expected when getting into Dark Souls. What no one expected was for Dark Souls to have so many hot waifus. Such an old and gritty fantasy world being inhabited by so many hot women. Fucking crazy! And today, we get to spend time with one of those hot ladies, and it’s the Fire Keeper.Thank you to KikiMango for her wonderfully soft and wispy FireKeeper voice. Brought sexual shivers down my spine.

Dark Desire

Fire Keeper voiced by KikiMango

What did you think of Kiki’s Fire Keeper performance? Have you played Dark Souls? Do you think Dark Souls have some sexy ass waifus? Tell us in the comments below.